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  1. Mash, mash, mash - all [Gurriel] does is mash
  2. What do we do about young Gregory? I'm sure we can all agree he's been a blackhole since he's been back. No homers and no steals - and i'm not sure how much he'll be stealing in the majors with only being able to slide feet first due to his shoulder. Thoughts?
  3. 12 team h2h 5x5 OBP/QS - $260 budget Trying to determine my 3rd keeper - is it crazy to consider keeping a $1 closer over a value bat? I am keeping Jose Ramirez ($17) and Javier Baez ($2) and am choosing between... Gut leans Gallo in this OBP league, but starting my draft with an elite closer locked in tempts me thoughts?
  4. Dez was the last selection of the entire auction, and the 5th & last spot on my bench - think you're reading too much in to that selection ahah Appreciate the feedback though
  5. 0.5PPR 14-team league (his) Alex Collins for (my) Golden Tate & Marlon Mack I have the opportunity to sure up my RB2, as I am having reservations about Hyde and his workload. Should I give up Tate & Mack? I feel like Jordy/Garcon could be poised for bounce-back years, but also could be vastly undervaluing Tate. QB: Jared Goff RB1: Todd Gurley RB2: Carlos Hyde WR1: Mike Evans WR2: Golden Tate Flex: Pierre Garcon TE: Rob Gronkowski -------------------------------- BE1: Jordy Nelson BE2: Marlon Mack BE3: Bilal Powell BE3: Aaron Jones BE4: Dez Bryant
  6. Getting some mixed signals via a different avenue, probably means its a relatively close deal... "No. Never. Booker is one trick pony. PTS and 3pts (okay maybe 2 tricks). Vastly overrated. Never finished a year in top 80. Harris on the other hand is so consistent. Efficient scorer with great%s. Good stl. As good as or better 3pts. Markannen seems like the real deal." "i wouldnt, harris is almost as good in 9 cat and markannen is v strong. sell higher." On one hand, id love to consolidate, but worried id be essentially paying for a more inefficient Gary and losing Markk
  7. His best game as a pro - getting up 18 shots in 34 minutes. What are the chances he slips down to ~28 mpg when Miro/Portis return and LaVine slides back into the rotation?
  8. I give Gary Harris & Lauri Markkanen I get Devon Booker Team in pic below - would love to hear what you all think.
  9. Somehow just traded him for Gary Harris. I love Gorgui - he's been one of my super-glue guys over the past few seasons, but Thibs + Taj give me worry this year that playing time will be sporadic at best. He thrives as a backup 5, but with KAT playing all the minutes, and Taj leaking into various parts of the rotation, i think 20-25 mins/game is all we can hope for.
  10. For a player that most can still get for free at this point, he looks to be locked into playing time on one of the better offenses in the league. 33 minutes last night, 13/8 - 3 Treys 1 Blk 1 Stl 0 TO, ill take that production all day long.
  11. Bromingo - just keep on keepin' on. 2/2 1BB 2R 2RBI and we're only in the 4th.