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  1. Combo of that and 3B being so deep has people waiting on Arenado is my thought. Plus with this being 5 OF I think that had some people taking top OF options earlier.
  2. @89Topps you're on deck, Ecofolux has made his the final 1st round selection. I'm assuming the 2.1 pick is soon.
  3. Maxcd99 Round 1 Pick #1 Zeezee Round 1 Pick #2 Mskibisky Round 1 Pick #3 Turner46 Round 1 Pick #4 Bostoncajun Round 1 Pick #5 Members_only_76 Round 1 Pick #6 Jfazz23 Round 1 Pick #7 Sngehl01 Round 1 Pick #8 Shakestreet Round 1 Pick #9 Dark Kn19ht Round 1 Pick #10 89topps Round 1 Pick #11 Ecofolux Round 1 Pick #12
  4. Do you lose your MiLB guys if they aren't slotted in your starting lineup? If yes, I'd move Wander and Jo up to your UTL to keep them. Wouldn't mind finding an upgrade at MI over Rosario, if not his SB should be nice there. Wouldn't mind gambling on Kopech instead of Lamet. Kopech will have innings limited, but he should be a cheaper option to stay under the cap and be another value keeper selection next year. I'd definitely get Albies if you can and keep it under the cap.