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  1. Bump. With news of him leaning toward KC, does this change anything? @stevieglick @BiggyBiggy @JinxLombardi @TheBlueBlazer @drisser @squidthunder I'm really wondering if he is better the CEH and takes over......
  2. I'm holding onto Engram for some dumb reason in one league. Fant and Goedert are the better options for the rest of the season. If you're able to keep Goedert on IR I'd have to roll the dice on Schultz to see what happens over Engram for the short term.
  3. Yeah I agree with others take the guy with the better QB. Help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  4. Herbert sure looks good. If it's a dynasty league I'm taking OBJ side. For redraft I hate OBJ's inconsistency, but his ceiling is so good. I'd lean his way slightly. Feel like AJ will be more consistent each week. Both ending up at around the same spot in rankings at the end of the season. So if the rest of your team is solid get OBJ and gamble on his big games winning you some tough weeks. If you've already got some gambles go with Brown for more consistency not losing you the week. Hopefully that makes senese. Help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  5. Not worth adding. He's not startable. help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  6. Blankeship. Ben/Stafford/Fitz would be my order. help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  7. Kupp and Shenault for me. I like your reasoning for the JAG. I hate starting NE RB's just to watch the unexpected gameplan expectedly go away from the RB you own/started, otherwise I'd suggest Harris. I'm leaning toward benching McLaurin for the same reasons you listed. Help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  8. Burrow then Dalton for me. I feel like Bridgewater is going to be inconsistent, but not sure. Dalton has the better overall weapons. Burrow is just getting started and think he is very talented. CIN is gonna have to continue to throw a lot so there is opportunity for the big games from Burrow. Help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  9. Go with Cooks. Can't worry about Watson being on the other side. You clearly need someone to start. Kelley won't have value once Eckler returns. Cooks value could continue to go up to help with a trade later if needed. Help me? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827891-trade-for-bell-whir-also-wdis/
  10. 10 team - Dynasty (Keep everyone forever) - 1 PPR - Team & Roster Construction Below: (#) indicates starting roster spots QB (1) - Watson and Newton RB (1) - James Robinson WR (1) - Julio Jones TE (1) - Mark Andrews FLEX (4) - James Conner, AJ Brown, Jonathan Taylor, Myles Gaskin LB (1) - Zach Cunningham DL (1) - Chase Young DB (1) - Jordan Poyer DST (1) - Colts and Patriots K (1) - Gostkowski Bench - Kamara (bye), Murray (bye), Keenan Allen (bye), Terry McLaurin, JK Dobbins, Mecole Hardman What would you offer for LeVeon Bell? I'm thinking about offering Myles Gaskin. Is that enough? Any other thoughts? Bell has been brutal this year to own and the owner that has him is in last place. Hoping I can swoop him up for cheap. With Julio being a major dissapointment I'm thinking about benching him and starting Hardman for the matchup. McLaurin looks to be going up against a good CB and might get shutdown plus I don't like the QB situation in WSH. Who would you start? WHIR as much as possible, leave a link. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Dayum, that's a hard yes. I don't think Brown and Hockenson are special. You'd still keep your best players. You don't need 3 TE's.
  12. If I'm him I can't give up Eckler with Gordon, Bell, Davis as my other options. I think you'd have to include Ingram, but that's not very enticing if I'm him. Fair offer though I think outside of team needs.
  13. With Chubb and CMC out are you really comfortable with Harris and Freeman as your RB2? Really like the rest of the WR and can definitely afford to lose Adams for CMC, you're just potentially punting this season if S hits the fan and CMC/Chubb don't return.