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  1. There was mention of doing an overall ranking somehow on the mock draft originally. Is that still gonna happen? I'd love to see where my team falls. Thanks.
  2. C - Sean Murphy 1B - Paul Goldschmidt 2B - Gavin Lux 3B - Mike Moustakas SS - Tim Anderson OF - Mike Trout, Luis Robert, David Dahl, Gregory Polanco UTL - Yordan Alvarez, Gio Urshela BN - Dylan Carlson, Evan White, Nick Madrigal SP - Shane Bieber, Luis Castillo, Zac Gallen, Eduardo Rodriguez, AJ Puk, Dustin May, Josh James RP - Josh Hader, Edwin Diaz, Hector Neris, James Karinchak, Hunter Harvey Didn't realize how many SP's I drafted. A little disappointed in my INF. Overall I think I have a pretty deep and balanced team though. Should have picked a better SS earlier for OBP. Waited too long and focused on SP too much to get a little better picks in the infield I guess.
  3. It'll be interesting to see the projected breakdown of who won this mock, and who ends up winning the season, if there is a season.
  4. I'm not a Bell fan and very easily Abreu and Goldy weren't going to be there. Leaving not so great options after that.
  5. There's two UTL slots. And I'm of the school that UTL only doesn't matter. Good hitters can fill that slot just fine. My 8th pick was Moustakas. I love Mous, but really wanted him there so I have flexibility with my next picks at the infield positions.
  6. OF Mike Trout - LAA 1 3 3 LS UT Yordan Alvarez - HOU 2 10 22 LS P Shane Bieber - CLE 3 3 27 LS P Luis Castillo - CIN 4 10 46 LS OF Luis Robert (R) - CHW 5 3 51 LS 1B Paul Goldschmidt - STL 6 10 70 LS P Josh Hader - MIL 7 3 75 LS My first 7 picks. Took Robert early as I had a long time between pics after that and knew he wouldn't be coming back to me. Goldschmidt was like one of the 3 last solid 1B. It was starting to get thin at the position so I felt I needed to take him. Don't quite love the selection. With getting Bieber and Castillo felt like going Hader to start the RP early since the SP start was good. Surprised Alvarez was still there in the OBP mock starting out with 2 +.400 OBP guys is pretty great, IMO.
  7. I'll join if it'll help get it going.
  8. Maybe my comment isn't in the right spot since it doesn't pertain to Wander alone. I'm talking about the MLB as a whole working out something to allow for the younger players not getting ditched in the shortened season. Maybe MLB expands rosters to get a few more games in during the shortened schedule. And maybe they offer service time exemptions so the clubs are more inclined to bring up young players instead of keeping them down. Good for the players to make better money and good for the owners so they aren't worried about these contracts? Like I said, I don't know how this plays out or what it looks like to work in the favor of all. To me it's in the best interests of the MLB to get the best product and hype involved in this shortened season. It's the best opportunity to grow the MLB market after all this time off from sports. Getting all the top players and rookies playing would surely make it more interesting for some and should be in the best interest of players and owners. My point could all be wishful thinking as well. lol
  9. Any chance the MLB could take a drastic step in the favor of young players on this radically shortened season if it gets played? I don't quite know what that looks like, but maybe its not all doom and gloom just yet for Wander and other top young players.
  10. Great news. Seems like the extra time off will help also.
  11. Shoot, sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I just saw the league finder thread back at the main baseball forum level. Please remove mods.