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  1. Not sure who is playing Monday night that week but you could hold him and then drop him if it's needed for one of the Monday night kickers, which is what I did with Tucker last week (somehow Gould was still available).
  2. i wasn't aware of the weather in Cleveland but was already planning on sitting him in favor of Eifert (who is healthy for once).
  3. No one is expecting Tom Brady but in deep 2QB leagues he definitely has value. I’m in a 14 person 2QB league where people roster backups so getting him for free on waivers if not only to use as trade fodder is nice. He was clearly their best option in preseason. Does he keep the job all year? That’s a different story....
  4. Rawls inactive....More reason to pull the trigger?
  5. Offence vs. Offense—What Is the Difference? | Grammarly Pretty sure they're the same word. Offence is used in England, offense used in the US. Nice try?
  6. I'm sorry were we all watching the same game? He was not involved at all early, but I thought I saw him in towards the end of the game (I could be mistaken). I could've sworn I saw him lining up and running routes out of the backfield that last drive. Plus he had a TD called back. I was actually encouraged by the game despite how terrible the offense (really the offensive line) looked. He was still clearly Dalton's first read in the red zone and made a sick catch in the 3rd quarter. Week 1 was admittedly rough, and Week 2 was a slight improvement, but I think things get better for him moving forward (provided that he's still healthy). Thursday games are notoriously bad for all involved due to the short week, but now he and this offense have extra time to try to get right. I'm still holding, hopefully it works out.
  7. Antonio did just fine (possibly better?) the last time Martavis played. Martavis being back actually helps draw attention away from Brown. They're all dominant and I think Evans maybe makes his way into this tier as well.
  8. Obviously the jury is still (somewhat) out on this cat. We've all seen his talent and what he is capable of. His "inconsistency" is not on him, in my opinion. He's a perfect "post-hype sleeper" candidate. Undeniable WR1 talent. I'd still buy late 2nd/early third. Julius Thomas leaving basically eliminates his main competition for red zone targets.
  9. He dislocated his shoulder in game 15. Not sure if that makes him "injury prone". He never missed a game in college.
  10. It's really such a shame that he's dealing with an injury at this point in the season. This is typically Floyd Season and the Cardinals could really use him with Brown struggling and Nelson flopping. I've been holding onto this cat all season (very deep league) for this opportunity, but having to roll with the likes of Thielen, Hill, and Lafell instead.
  11. Man it feels like it's now or never for Floyd. Other than the bagel he put up, he hasn't hurt you too much if you started him. However, he has been saved by late TDs in the weeks that he's returned at least SOME value. He should finally get some quality PT this week and he's still held on to the role as a good end zone target. The volume should be there this week, even in a tough matchup.