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  1. I definitely remember him giving serviceable numbers as the starting PG when Wall was out but I don't see how the Wiz can trade Wall with his ridiculous contract.
  2. Who’d you guys rather have? Hood looks like he should be the number 1 option with Love out but he’s been absolutely disappointing while Ennis might break out with Melo gone. Thoughts? WHIR
  3. The lineup RedDog listed is what I would really hope works out since I’m a T-Wolves fan and is what most people are probably going with. It looks like such a long team to go up against and should be a nightmare to go against defensively, but we all know how bad KAT & Wiggins defend the court. This is also a Thibs team who loves his defensive minded players so I can honestly imagine RoCo potentially getting more minutes than Wiggins & I just can’t see Okogie not getting rotation minutes unless RoCo really just ends up being a superior SG.
  4. I seriously doubt that Thibs just plugs Wiggins at the 2 and expects him to figure out coming off a thigh injury while RoCo mans the 3-spot. You said it yourself - Wiggins hasn’t become a real threat outside of the arc to justify being a starting SG or defend the 2 spot either. I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong about my prediction for what happens with the T-Wolves next, but I just can’t see RoCo & Wiggins sharing the court at the same time.
  5. This is why I’m pretty confident in saying “get Josh Okogie if he’s available” and see what does with it. I can’t imagine RoCo and Wiggins playing together at the same time but as a fan of the T-Wolves, I hope they find a way to make that happen. For fantasy purposes, I’d bank on it not happening though and would take a gamble on Okogie.
  6. I’m not comparing SGA to Donovan Mitchell in terms of skill, but how long did it take before Mitchell took the starting gig?
  7. I guess you could lump him up there with guys like Marcus Smart who don’t translate into fantasy gold even with all the minutes added and number crunching. Also, it could be Bickerstaff’s system + Gasol and Conley trying to prove they’re still big names & dominating touches.
  8. He’s more of a definite watch right now. He’s been in the league for like 6-7 years and I doubt he’ll be doing a breakout campaign this time round.
  9. Especially with injuries to Portis and Lauri now. The ball has to end up with touches in the post eventually.
  10. Well the writers here have been hyping him up in their podcasts so I guess they were on to something. That said, it took a major rotation change in Kanter being brought to the bench & having a poor game for it to happen. I’d like this line more if they played big minutes together. He’s not available in my league but I think taking a gamble on him now would be a good idea for people who have dead weight.
  11. Congrats to everyone who held on through the rough stretch guys! Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back for not overreacting by week 1.
  12. I really do get why people are hyped about him but it’s really so hard to rely on him when they have such a deep lineup. I don’t have him in my league but Im seriously hoping that this guy gets the minutes he deserves moving forward.
  13. Still no OG though. It really is OG that eats up the most of his minutes.
  14. Wasn’t he supposed to give the lines that Danny Green is giving now?
  15. Bump. I’m still open to some potential FA adds you guys think I should add.
  16. Would it be too crazy to think they’d try to put him in the 4-spot? ? Weren’t they running Noel and Okafor back in Philly at the same time for a while?
  17. Anyone here watch the game? He never made a trip to the charity line and still led his team in scoring.
  18. Billups is another good late bloomer candidate. That guy bounced around before he found a home in Detroit and ended up bringing home Finals MVP.
  19. No Love or Lue now. Man, I’m not sure what to expect or hope for from him.
  20. Here’s a messed up tidbit: Yahoo quickly gave J-Rich and Doncic a SF tag but can’t give Pascal the C tag even though he’s also played C.
  21. I normally would hold Thad but he just murdered my FT to the bottom of my league... I picked up Hood to try to fix that and see what Larry Drew does with the line up first (especially with Love out)
  22. I actually think that offer is fair, but I wouldn’t accept that offer if I was Kawhi’s owner.
  23. Well Reggie Bullock was just dropped and he seemed like a low-end no brainer so I grabbed him. Still got one more 1 person to pick up over Thad though (I’m dead last in FT so I should probably move away from him to fix it).
  24. Capela is probably the best of the bunch but I wouldn’t give up McCollum for any of those 3.
  25. I can still pick up one more player after dropping Thad. Who else would you guys think I should get?