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  1. I picked him up just in case a miracle happens. Either he wakes up or a Drake injury. I still believe 😕
  2. All my local weather news stations saying it's gonna rain all weekend. Could be clear at some point though, who knows. Bay Area weather is unpredictable.
  3. Humphries ruled out. More targets for AJ? I'm 10 mins from Oakland. Supposed to be an ugly rainy day. Still thinking of firing him up over McLaurin @GB Anyone else?
  4. off the top of my head: juju/ab decker/demaryius 2013 cobb/jordy 2014? boldin/fitz a million times probably not too uncommon tbh but definitely an amazing feat.
  5. Most frustrating offense I've ever watched. Never seen a team pass so much on first down with a big lead that much. That fumble was BS too
  6. I have never owned Henry and everytime I play against him he absolutely pulverizes me. Owners expect 180 yards and 2 TD's. Congrats
  7. The 9ers have allowed 160 pass yards or less in 3 straight games. Thinking of going with MINSHEW over Brees. Have a feeling this will be a tough low scoring defensive game. Similar to BAL vs SF. I can see Brees tossing 1 touchdown but anything more than that would be surprising.
  8. LA pushing for a playoff spot @ home might be a tough play this week for both RB's. I smell an upset. If Dalvin sits i'm starting Mattison over Carson round 1. Penny is annoying.
  9. Lol @ benching Coop. The Pats have faced 1 legit elite WR all season. OBJ. Start your studs.
  10. This is one of those games where you don't start him in fear of limitation or reinjury... And then he goes OFF. Classic TY.
  11. 95% luck. Been saying it for years. I'm in a league where I have Chubb, Kamara, Davante Adams and George Kittle and I'm in last place. FF doesn't make sense. Noobs get rewarded. We all suck.