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  1. 24 minutes ago, 24/7fantasysports said:


    I saw the weather forecast with early rain then sunshine. Chance of rain 60% with winds under 10mph. Did it change?

    I'm firing him up over Golden Tate in this matchup. 


    All my local weather news stations saying it's gonna rain all weekend. Could be clear at some point though, who knows. Bay Area weather is unpredictable.

  2. 1 hour ago, iretirefromfantasy said:

    He’s quietly number 4 in yards this season. Am I the only one that didn’t realize this? 

    Michael Thomas 1,290

    Chris Godwin 1,121

    Mike Evans 1,096

    AMARI COOPER 1,054


    On another note, two receivers same team surpassing 1,000+ yards, is that an NFL record? (Godwin, Evans) Seems like quite the feat. 




    off the top of my head:


    decker/demaryius 2013

    cobb/jordy 2014?

    boldin/fitz a million times probably


    not too uncommon tbh but definitely an amazing feat.


  3. The 9ers have allowed 160 pass yards or less in 3 straight games.

    Thinking of going with MINSHEW over Brees. Have a feeling this will be a tough low scoring defensive game. Similar to BAL vs SF. 

    I can see Brees tossing 1 touchdown but anything more than that would be surprising.

  4. Trade deadline for me was Nov 9th in all of my leagues so I can't even trade this trash can. 

    Anyway, this guy is awful. He literally looked like an 80 year old man running the ball today and I'm not even exaggerating. It looks like he doesn't even try/care. He fell to #12 to me in the draft and I felt very grateful at the time. Smh. Nightmare

  5. Fewest yards before contact per carry:
    1. Derrick Henry - 0.9
    t2. Adrian Peterson - 1.0
    t2. Le'Veon Bell - 1.0
    4. James Conner - 1.1
    t5. Kerryon Johnson - 1.2
    t5. Leonard Fournette - 1.2


    What's going on? Is he just bad? I haven't watched much tape on the guy but his YPC is garbage. With that said..


    ..I wanna buy low 👀