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  1. I grabbed him in the 4th round so I'm not as invested as those that took him in the 2nd, but man...this is an ugly situation. 2 touches?!?!?! Benched for the time being.
  2. Only playing Flash because I'm forced to but the improved weather is encouraging. First time we've seen the Pats offense without Dorsett. Hoping that frees up some targets for JG. HELLO 2013
  3. Thought he was a must start this week but that weather looks brutal. Tom Brady's noodle going against wind isn't ideal. Seems like another Edelman/White kind of game. Smh
  4. Not sure if this has been pointed out in this thread but I just noticed MM hasn't thrown any picks yet. That's encouraging. In one league I have Cam Newton and Drew Brees. Basically being forced to start him. Hoping for a decent game and some rushing yards. 🙏🙏🙏
  5. Have a trade on the table for him. Concerned about re-injury though. John Ross just got placed on IR for the same injury. One tackle could do it again. Where the roto doctors at?
  6. Huh? Saquon is more Barry than AP. Didn't mean to derail the thread. I'll just reiterate one more time. Never said Carson was as great as AP was. They have the same violent running style. That's it. Carson RB1. Good day.
  7. People will argue for the sake of arguing 🤦‍♂️ I said he's comparable to AP in the style of running. Clearly stated he's less explosive. Gotta love fantasy dorks
  8. Anyone else see Adrian Peterson in CC? Same exact type of runner, less explosive obviously. I love watching this dude grind out yards. Kid's a stud.
  9. Hopefully we get another half awake Goff performance tonight on the road. Would love to see a few turnovers that result in EZ scores for Seattle. Carson is due for a goal line tug 17 carries - 91 yards - 3 catches - 24 yards - 1 score
  10. He has a few goal line TD's already if I'm not mistaken?
  11. Anyone have information that shows how well RB's do on thursday's after racking up 20+ touches just a few days prior? It's obvious he has a bruising style of running. A back like Carson playing on a short week is either bad for him, bad for the opposing defenses or both. Don't have the balls to sit him but I'm curious to see how well his body holds up Thursday at home.
  12. TY DNP today but I still have a feeling he'll play. If not, I'm with you
  13. If there's any good news it's that he has 10 days to heel up... We're ******
  14. On paper you could say the Pats defense got a little worse. Last season Tom threw 1 TD in 2 games. Had 2 picks and had a game where he threw for 126 yards. I believe the game will be won on the defensive side of the ball for Buffalo in a tough divisional game. With Josh Allen using his legs to make for a decent day from a fantasy perspective. By no means am I implying he will throw for 350 yards.
  15. If you're a betting man, Bill's +7.5 is a sexy play. Both NEvsBUF games last season were fairly close. Improved Josh Allen and a confident 3-0 team will cover the spread and possibly upset. Pats have played 2 college level teams so far. I think Josh Allen shocks the world and pulls it off. 235 passing 2 TD 1 INT - 89 yards rushing 1 TD 4-0 Bills
  16. Vintage Aaron Rodgers game tonight. Philly will go down big, use Sproles the entire game trying to catch up. EZ sit on the road for me. Eagles pass defense is atrocious. Starting Justin Jackson vs MIA instead.
  17. Guy is always battling some nagging injury. Always plays.
  18. 11 total targets in 3 games is worrisome. Playing @CHI this week in a game that will showcase 2 elite defenses is even more worrisome. After what Mike Evans just did to NYG's secondary, I will be benching Thielen for Scary Terry. Gonna be a 4-45 type game for Thielen Sunday
  19. Edelman says he's good to go. If he plays he's the only startable WR on the Pats this week in my opinion. This Bills defense is elite. In 2 games last season against BUF, Tom Brady had 1 total pass TD. 2 picks. 1st game, the gameplan was going underneath and getting the ball out quick. Edelman and James White. TB 0 TD's. 2nd game @BUF they ran the ball for over 200 yards. Brady had 126 yards passing. Edelman had the only receiving TD. Pains me to say it but JG is an EZ sit for me this week. Especially if he pops up on the injury report.
  20. WR1 through 3 weeks. (#9 in .5PPR) Kinda hard to keep him on my bench going forward. Especially with this weeks match up. Benching Josh Gordon @BUF for Scary Terry.
  21. What happened to just simply imposing your will on defenses and running the ball down the opponents throat? I don't understand this new NFL s--- where coaches just want to get cute with everything. RUN THE BALL. Dallas rushed for over 200 yards on Washington in week 2. That is obviously their weakness. The gameplan should be that simple. Jesus christ /rant
  22. Don't know much about the kid. Seen he had 2 rushing scores sunday, but is he a good runner? I'm desperate for a QB in one league. Would love to have a dual threat guy
  23. It boggles my mind how little he's being used in the red zone when all he does it create plays when he touches the ball.