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  1. Name a receiver his size that has been a WR1 or even WR2. Not saying it can't be done and his play has been great so far. But throughout an entire season I believe his durability may be the biggest question mark. Could be wrong πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  2. This guys size worries me a bit. I read he's 166lbs?!?! That is tiny. One hit from a guy like Jamal Adams would obliterate him
  3. Thunderstorms and flash flood warning Saturday and sunday in KC. This does not please me.
  4. I may have missed the nuke. Is this supposed to be offensive? Serious question. Guy is absolutely nuts but these texts are not menacing. Not understanding what the fuss is about here
  5. Keenum isn't playing bad. From a fantasy perspective and McLaurin owner, I'd like for Case to keep the job. He slings it. Dropped 380-3-0 @ Philly week 1. Haskins will have his time. Though the Haskins/Mclaurin OSU reconnection would be intriguing.
  6. Would be starting if it wasn't against the bears. Not thinking twice about it next game though. #10 WR right now in .5 PPR #ScaryTerry
  7. Does this kid run between the tackles? Seems like every time he has the ball he wants to bounce it outside. I get that's his strength but it seems like teams know what he's gonna do when he's out there
  8. Also my QB1 in multiple leagues. Don't love the match up but kinda have no choice. Other option is Josh Allen. The Detroit Lions have a much better pass rush than the Ravens. BAL's secondary is what we have to be worried about. If the receivers can't get open, maybe we see more legs from Kyler. 230 yards, 1 pass TD, 62 yards on the ground with a rushing score.
  9. Call me pessimistic but I don't see AB being a huge factor until the 2nd half of the season. I just can't imagine him being able to learn the playbook fast enough to steal playing time from guys that have mastered it. Anyone can produce in the Pats system, but they have to know it first. I get it, he's a top 5 WR of all time possibly, but this isn't madden. I own him in 3 leagues. I'm trying to sell high in 2 of them.
  10. He fell to me in the 4th round yesterday. Had to take him. Shady will be a factor but I think D.Wil is still the guy the own. Now we wait.
  11. If Chubb and Gurley fall to u on the turnaround, I'd like to join your league πŸ™ Anyway, I've tried to grab Thielen in the 3 seperate drafts already. Unsuccessful Guy is a PPR monster. If healthy he'll be the #1 in MIN again.
  12. Correct. I am. He has 4 catches and 1 big run. Not necessarily mind blowing stuff. Never said he wasn't good. I like him a lot. Kinda reminds me of Amari Cooper. Anyway. Pettis and Goodwin are pretty much locks for 1 and 2. Since Taylor is hurt, Jordan Matthews is expected to play slot. That leaves Deebo far down the list. My guess is he will start the year being used as a gadget guy, with a few plays specifically drawn up for him.
  13. Reports are saying he's going to open up as the #4 WR πŸ™„ Hard to invest in such a question mark. There hasn't been much hype around him in camp. I'm sure if the coaching staff was raving about the kid we'd know about it. But there's been nothing.
  14. Took Fitz in the 9th round. Crazy to think the guy had 110 catches just 2 seasons ago. I believe he finishes as their #1 WR, despite the moves they made in the draft/off season.
  15. They've talked up Darwin on multiple occasions during this game. The hype is real
  16. Team looks pretty stacked to me. I'm in a dynasty and I have Mack, Evan's and OBJ as well. Thanks for the help
  17. I think Rojo is trash. McKinnon is hurt in a crowded backfield. Help? Thanks
  18. Yeah sorry it's almost impossible to post an imagine on this website. I gave up
  19. Took Carson in the 5th round as my rb3/4. Not mad at all. The guy played 14 games last year, I don't think that's a terrible number considering how many people are claiming he's so injury prone😏
  20. Don't care for D Williams but otherwise nice squad