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  1. You slow huh? No Bell meaning they won't have a key piece of their team, which could ultimately affect the final score, which could leave open the possibility of a lopsided game. That is possible even with Bell. Stop trying so hard to be smartass
  2. It's not unrealistic. The Browns are capable of putting up points with that offense and PIT's defense is sketchy. With no Le'Veon, I'm putting money on CLE.
  3. If the Steelers get blown out, what are the chances the front office panics and gives Le'Veon what he wants?
  4. Just traded Corey Davis for him. Hope he becomes the guy.
  5. Raiders will lose by 20+ pts. I honestly don't see Coop having a very good game when it matters. Maybe some garbage time points. On the other hand, he torches Marcus Peters when they play eachother. Wonder if he gets Talib instead.
  6. I got him in the 4th and cuffed with Clement. Is he the highest risk RB to draft right now not named Lesean McCoy? Seems like everyone's worried about the kids health.
  7. Jamaal Williams breaks out and becomes Green Bay's bellcow.
  8. Someone take the bottle away from this guy
  9. WR3 overall in standard? He's #8. I feel you though.
  10. Possibly being without their best O-Lineman concerns me a bit. Niners D line is good. Hope he plays
  11. I just traded Cobb for him. I have M.Thomas and Alshon so I took the risk hoping he can turn it around especially with Carr expected back sooner than expected. The raiders need to get Coop going. Throw slants and screens and get the kids confidence up with easy grabs. The raiders d is so bad. Should be shoot outs every week
  12. How many times were they inside the 5 and just didn't give him the ball? Jfc. Took the L because of this
  13. I'd drop Collins. Despite his success, Allen is getting most of the snaps and West is still there taking a few as well. Kelley looked decent before he got hurt
  14. Yeah drop DT or Parker. Dolphins offense is a mess.
  15. I'd do that fast. AJ and Dez is a nice duo Thanks for mine
  16. Can I join your league? X____x No brainer. Burn your #1 if u have it.
  17. I think Coop is gonna bounce back but I'd take that. Rodgers #2 WR when healthy is a nice thing to have. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673718-mixon-or-cmc-whir-1000/
  18. I wouldn't. Grab a TE on the wire for a 1 week rental. No one on the Giants is truthworthy outside Obj
  19. No way. Raiders will lean heavy on marshawn with Carr out and when he comes back.
  20. Pretty even to me. I like Clay/Bryant more. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/673718-mixon-or-cmc-whir-1000/