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  1. I'm trading my Alshon + Will Fuller for his Davante Adams & Mixon or Christian McCaffrey? Which RB should I take? I'm leaning towards Mixon but his schedule is tougher ROS. Help! Post link WHIR
  2. Hoping he can give us what OBJ did when he missed the first 4 games of his rookie season. Lettuce pray.
  3. Is he comparable to a guy like Martavis Bryant in a similar role? Haven't watched too many texans games.
  4. I've never seen him juke a defender 1 on 1. Not once. Guy is a turd
  5. Coop's last 9 games (non PPR) 2, 11, 2, 2, 7, 9, 12, 3, 0.
  6. How many ******** appeals can there be? Tired of being a Zeke owner already. Just offered him for Jordy and Doug Martin
  7. How do people feel about Pryor? Nice buy low or nah?
  8. Washington was in there when they were in the red zone at one point. Seen him get hurt after a kick off on special teams. Win? I hate that they don't give him goal line
  9. Wentz is a savage. Keep feeding Alshon!
  10. Jordy Nelson SMH. Single handedly responsible for my L this week. Bastard
  11. He sucks, o-line sucks, my fantasy team sucks
  12. I really hope they trade Jeremy Hill. I feel like a change of scenery would be a good thing for him. Giants, Cards, Eagles would be sick
  13. Does Fitz stock rise a tad with DJ out? I'd imagine AZ playing from behind a ton. Who else do they have? Guy led the league in receptions last year. Anyone feel like he can put up high end WR2 numbers?
  14. Seems as if those like myself who took Zeke late 1st round are the real geniuses ?
  15. Definitely a step in the right direction. Let's goooooo
  16. Wasn't he on the cusp of reinstatement last time and then took it upon himself to check into rehab? Not like he got in trouble again. I don't see him getting denied
  17. Three different Fins reporters just said Landry ain't goin anywhere. Nothing to see here boys.
  18. Jerry Jones, use your money and power to get this s--- reduced!!
  19. He's a JAG. He did have a nice 16 yard run tonight though. I wouldn't be suprised if they gave Darkwa another shot with the 1's at some point.