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  1. Non-Decimal Leagues, yikes! For decimal scoring, I would say higher seed would take the tie breaker.
  2. Standard Scoring: Championship Studs QB: Tannehill, RB: Gurley, Sanders Took down L Jackson, CMC, others
  3. Down on the 1yd line. Decent season, too many mouths to feed on this team.
  4. Praying for some RZ opportunities this weekend.
  5. Any weather worries for Butker today? Or roll with someone on the wire (Gould, Badgley)?
  6. Hunt for sure. Not sure what Patricia is up to this week.
  7. Drake 100% http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/787874-whir-choose-my-last-flex-standard/
  8. Jimmy G as well. Forget about Monday nights performance.
  9. 100% WHIR - Standard Scoring. Chose my last flex spot RB - Miles Sanders vs NE RB - Kalen Ballage vs BUF RB - Raheem Mostert vs ARI WR - A.J. Green vs OAK