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  1. Well. It’s now or never. Fingers crossed. But bracing for never.
  2. This aged well. His arm (still) looks fantastic. Man on a mission this year.
  3. Sounds like 2 TD for Terry and a missed extra point for Hopkins to me.
  4. I took him in the 11th round of a 12 team redraft league. Absolute steal. Brightttttttt future.
  5. Sleeping on breakout seasons is definitely the way to win your league.
  6. It's easy to forget, but Ware had 1368 all purpose yards & 5 TD in 2016 when he lead the Chiefs' backfield, and their offense is way more explosive today. People use the term a comical amount on these forums, but Ware is, in fact, a league winner.
  7. Check down Alex with limited alternatives vs. a soft defense a week after Maurice played 87% of the snaps w/ 12 targets. Sure, why not.
  8. I think it's clear that Bell's plan is to spend the next three years on prove it deals to barely recover the $14 million he threw away this season. Guy's a genius. Mad respect.
  9. I mean, Wilson's on season ending IR, so he's obviously not playing. Stills DNP today. Given the off-field drama, I don't know how you start with confidence, but man it's hard to fade a player coming off a 24% target share playing 100% o-snaps.
  10. I have no idea if Carolina will keep him involved, but good lord that ROS schedule is too tempting to pass up.
  11. The Chiefs are 7-1. I suspect Belichick would rather play them at Gillette instead of Arrowhead in said playoffs. If Sony's ready to play, he'll play.
  12. Just when the train was losing steam, rocket fuel gets thrown in the engine. This can only help. Choo-choo.
  13. He's probably weeks away from a lead role. He's days away from ruining Conner's value.