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  1. Sloman is such a trash kicker. He so small that he can only kick low line drives. He’ll cost the Rams big down the stretch
  2. Wentz will bless owners in the second half of the season and take us to the promised land. My Dak replacement is looking good 🙏
  3. Finally, we get Edmonds SZN. Been holding Drake and Chase all year in both of my leagues. Proper production from this position and system is on the way.
  4. All Cowboys skill positions are wrecked right now.
  5. He wasn’t doing anything before that hit and he wasn’t going to do anything if he stayed in the game. He’s the same bum Where is that guy that was in here telling EVERYONE how good Dalton was going to be?
  6. Connor couldn’t get the job done, so they rightfully went to Snell