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  1. I joined one on Realtime Fantasy. 2QB, 2RB, 2WR/TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 DST. 2 selections max from any one team.
  2. 9/16 were still on my roster. 5/9 were in my line up for the championship. 3/4 waiver adds were picked up off the waiver wire in the final week and played in only one game, the championship game. Indy D, Goedert and McLaurin. I will win unless Boone or Mattison, Thielen, Bailey score 69 points tonight.
  3. espn gave the Pats a point for the sack on the hands to the face penalty. No sack if you accept the penalty!!
  4. I'd go Perriman. Now a go to guy with a red hot QB. Keep an eye on weather. I have Woods. Agonizing over the thought of possibly having to use him. Dal just put up 44pts, Gallup had one catch. I know it happens. It sticks with me. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792484-please-choose-2-wr-whir/
  5. Perriman. Better QB. The go to guy without Evans and Godwin.
  6. Singletary and Washington. As you pointed out, Chi will probably be throwing early and often in this one. Thanks for mine.
  7. Winston, Zeke, Jones, Lockett, Perriman, Henry. NO D just wrecked INDY....been playing better overall. You gave the great reason for Perriman yourself. I like Wilson/Lockett at home. Rams TE situation too muddy. Thanks for mine.
  8. I'd start Boone with Cook and Mattison both sitting confirmed before games start on the weekend. Too risky to wait.
  9. Boone going with your assumption. A risky one at that. You may not know anything till Monday night. Perriman. Fuller.
  10. Perriman. Too risky to wait till Monday night to learn the situation in Minn. Perriman should do well with shorthanded Bucs. Please help.
  11. Please choose 2. Standard, no ppr. Woods-Roller coaster Robert at SF Golladay-Dome team away in Den in the elements with rookie Blough at QB Chark-at Atl, Little to no news on injury. McLaurin-at NYG, 2 terrible teams. Crowder-home vs Pitt, would have more appeal if ppr. Very inconsistent. Playing with arguably the best QB of the terrible bunch. Can you believe I made the big game with this??? LOL