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  1. The leaguesafe is still set for $100 buyin. Why is everything so difficult tonight
  2. also change leaguesafe setting to majority approval its on commissioner complete control right now
  3. Houston we have a problem. Anybody know how to reset a draft on Yahoo. Looks like draft was set a bit early and Im the only one to pay so far...
  4. ya had another settings tab open lol. my bad. looks to be yahoo default
  5. yes. i just left the league. so there should be an open spot if you click the link. once in youd need to pay asap. i am not commish though
  6. .5 ppr qb rb rb wr wr te flx k def 5 bench and ir pretty standard but not default yahoo
  7. Can I be removed from this league. Team name is Patrick's Team. I've paid already, before realising it wasnt an auction draft. I believe league manager has to remove me and it should initiate the refund process. Looks like the guy above can take my spot @Mike1985 @SYoon
  8. I joined and paid from the link you posted in the Looking for Auction thread @JakeMav assuming this was auction... If the refund process is simple I'd like to let someone else take my spot, but if not I guess I'll do my first snake draft in years. Totally my fault for not double checking settings.