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  1. I’d stick with Brees. Super high powered offense. Regardless of who they play, he is a top tier QB imo WDIS Pick 2, Chark, Michel, Snell, Powell
  2. Still don’t know who to go with 😅
  3. Standard scoring DJ Chark Benny Snell Bilal Powell Sony Michel leaning DJ and Sony. thanks!
  4. For all asking. I flipped a coin at 8pm. AND STARTED MITCH. 38.7 points. Probably the greatest hunch I’ve ever had in fantasy
  5. I’m playing a team I don’t think I’m going to beat by playing my normal lineup. I need to do something out of the box, I could see Mitch going for 30 tonight. I don’t know why I just have a hunch. Am I nuts!
  6. I just see chubbs work load decreasing every week, and they have some tough games in the playoffs where he probably won’t run as much due to being down.
  7. Traded Chubb and Bell for Cook and Michel. Cook owner needed a win this week and had him on a bye. What do you think? I’m 9-2 and have won 7 straight so I was iffy but pulled the trigger
  8. You've been a huge help, let me ask, what WRs would you justify moving Julio for because of their playoff schedule ?
  9. I dont mind the rough next 2-3 weeks, as ive locked down the first round bye. I just am scared of those playoff matchups Julio and Ryan has.
  10. Is Hopkins for Julio worth it in your opinion? Also have another owner who needs to win this week and is playing me, I could offer him Ryan and Julio for Wilson and Godwin
  11. Im currently 9-2, have pretty much locked up a first round bye as 6 teams make it in this league. Is there anyone I should be targeting or definitely trying to move right now for their Week 15 and 16 Matchups. I've been thinking of moving Julio and Ryan for a QB and Hopkins as theyre matchups are terrible those two weeks. Any help!?! Roster: Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford Chubb, Bell Julio, DJ Chark Gerald Everett Marvin Jones Steelers D Lutz Bench Pats D Mike Williams Valdes-Scantlnig AP Bialal Powell 2 Roster Spots
  12. I’m currently holding Will Lutz, Butker, Pitt D, and NE D. All of which have been very dominant. obviously I can only Start one at each person, is it dumb to keep them rostered. I may be able to trade one kicker for Evan Engram. My current TE is Gerald Everett. Any opinions on this?
  13. Mike Williams Marvin Jones Marquez Valdes Scantling DJ Chark im leaning Marvin jones and Valdes Scantling any thoughts?