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  1. What am I missing? Why is Breida not heavily involved in the passing game? Common sense says if you have the league’s fastest guy in your backfield, you’d want to repeatedly kick him out to the slot to feast on coverage matchups with linebackers.
  2. Guy is literally the fastest man in the NFL and is pretty good at football. Volume/consistency doesn’t apply here.
  3. He’s currently the #16 PPR back without any touchdown inflation. Experts will continue to be deathly afraid to put him among their top 20 RBs every week and he’ll continue to be a top 20 back as long as he’s healthy.
  4. Before I drop him, just out of curiosity, what exactly was the hype based on?
  5. Gotta like the PPR upside. Guy was regularly running routes 20 yds downfield in college.
  6. TD dependent backs aren’t particularly fun to own, but if this team can make a 7-reception LeGarrette Blount a top 10 back in a PPR league....
  7. As long as Godwin keeps hovering around a 50% snap share (while Humphries is at 75%) I don’t know how you can start him with any bit of confidence.
  8. Could have been a huge night. The fumble at the end of the half landed him in the dog house. I don't remember seeing him once in the 2nd half.
  9. I thought for sure White would send Burkhead to the bench for the reminder of the game after Burkhead's 1st quarter fumble. Instead, it became the Dion Lewis show for two possessions and then Burkhead was right back out there. We now have a 5 game trend of reduced James White usage. I'd say he's a safe drop.
  10. Nice debate from a number of Chargers writers on who Williams will be stealing snaps from.
  11. Having been practicing in pads for a few weeks, if he was on the verge of stepping in and contributing in a big way, wouldn't we be hearing how great he looks in practice and how the coaches can't wait to get him on the field? I haven't seen anything remotely close to that.
  12. Seeing is believing. A quick visit to YouTube to watch some Collins runs over the past two weeks should trump anything that happened in Seattle.
  13. Awfully hard to get excited about Smallwood. If the team had any real confidence in him, he'd have gotten a lot more than 3 carries in week 2 while Blount was in the doghouse. And it was pretty widely reported that the #4 RB and guy directly behind him (Clement) was going to get a chance this past Sunday. Once again, not something that happens if they have confidence in Smallwood.