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  1. Hey guys, I'm playing in my first ROTO league this year, currently 3rd. I got offered Jamal Murray and Jaren Jackson Jr for my Pascal Siakam. I won't have to drop anyone, i have a roster spot. Here are the standings in my league: I need to improve FG%, STL and BLK. Do I do this? Seems like a good trade but im not that familiar with ROTO to really know. WHIR. Thanks
  2. I'd say Graham (assuming your referring to your 10 team 7 cat league). His 2 biggest weaknesses are FG% and TO, which don't matter in your league.He literally contributes in every category except BLK. Hes the #30 ranked played in your leagues format currently.
  3. Based on who I think people in my league will keep, I think these guys would be available to draft next year. Decent amount of big men I could grab in the 1st round Damian Lillard Russell Westbrook Paul George Brandon Ingram Zach Lavine Brandon Ingram Domantas Sabonis D'Angelo Russell Rudy Gobert Jonathan Isaac Jamal Murray Kyle Lowry Jaren Jackson CJ McCollum DeMar DeRozan Tobias Harris Khris Middleton Myles Turner Chris Paul Lauri Markkanen LaMarcus Aldridge Draymond Green Brook Lopez
  4. Yeah I'll have to take a chance on some rookies/potential guys near the end of the draft to get for cheap. One thing I was thinking of was trying to trade Porzingis for Devonte Graham. Graham would cost $3 this year to keep. He's the #30 ranked player in punt FG%/TO. I could keep Harden, Trae and Graham.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Makes sense to try one more year with Harden and Trae. I'll look to trade Porzingis and Westbrook for 1st round picks each. Go into next season with Harden + Trae + 3 1st round picks. It's a 9 category H2H league.
  6. Thanks, that's my thinking too. The only issue is that I wouldn't be able to keep both past next year since their prices go up by $2 again next year ($24 and $17). Does that change anything, knowing I'll only have both together for 1 more season?
  7. I could use some help deciding who to keep. Each team has $40 to spend on keepers. Keeper prices are determined by round drafted. 1st round picks cost $14, 2nd round picks cost $12, etc... Each year you keep a player their price goes up by $2. My options are: - James Harden for $22 - Trae Young for $15 - Russell Westbrook for $14 - Kristaps Porzingis for $7 My total to spend is $40. Some combinations: - James Harden and Trae Young for $37 - James Harden and Porzingis for $29 - Trae Young, Russell Westbrook and Porzingis for $36 I'm trying to decide now because anyone I don't keep I would look to trade before the 26th for draft picks or other players with low keeper costs. Thanks
  8. Where would I be benefitting though really? I'm having a hard time seeing the benefit
  9. I'm in a 12 team, H2H, 9 CAT, Keeper league. I was offered Andrew Wiggins for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and I'm unsure whether to take it or not. Their stats seem relatively similar, Wiggins seems to have an advantage in PTS and 3PTM while RHJ has FG% and FT%. My biggest point of contention though is that within our keeper rules we have $40 to spend each off-season and RHJ would cost me $3 to keep while Wiggins would be $12. Prices increases $2 for every year we keep a player as well. So this off-season I would be able to keep Harden ($16), McCollum ($10) and Wiggins ($12) but lose one of the next year, or I can keeper Harden ($16), McCollum ($10) and RHJ ($3) and keep $11 free to spend somewhere else, or continue to keep all 3 without issue for one more year. I guess it comes down to, would RHJ be worth keeping going forward too? Sorry for the long post, I'd appreciate any help, thanks!