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  1. People also doesn't remember Vinatieri's misses. He missed 2 fgs in the superbowl against the Panthers.
  2. It's so frustrating the bullpen keeps blowing games for him.
  3. Peyton Manning has never carried a team to win the superbowl. In 2006, Colts defense in the playoff gave up 16.2pts/game which is better than 3 of the 4 playoff defense Brady had during his superbowl year. On offense, Manning threw 3tds to 7ints for the whole playoff (4games total). That Colts team won the superbowl in spite of Manning terrible performance with Manning almost costing them. In 2015, Denver defense in the playoff gave up 14.6pts/game which is better than all 4 of Brady's playoff defense that won the superbowl. Manning on offense got 2 tds to 1ints for the whole playoff (3games total). Again Manning basically did nothing on offense to help that team in the playoff. The Patriots defense in the playoff in 2001 gave up 15.7pts/game, 19pts/game in 2003, 17 pts/game in 2004, and 20.7 pts/game in 2015. On offense during playoff, Brady threw 1td - 1int in 2001, 5tds - 2ints in 2003, 5tds - 0ints in 2004, and 10tds - 4ints in 2015. (3games total each year) There is just no comparison between the two.