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  1. Hard to believe this team threw the ball for 400 yards in week 2. 2 touchdowns on the season, 7 interceptions I think the Jets have a better offense.
  2. I'm all in on the Titans this season, starting Tannehill/Henry/AJ. One thing I've noticed is the titans have great pass protection. Obviously this is because of the Henry and running play-action but it's opening up all kinds of plays to develop for AJ Brown.
  3. TBH I don't really love anything about this offense. His targets are up and down and 50% of his games have been under 40 yards receiving. He's on pace for about 10 touchdowns this season which has really been keeping his floor high. Unless you expect him to keep getting touchdowns, he's in the WR2-WR3 territory.
  4. If you take away his 94 yard run and two touchdowns, he's really just a JAG.
  5. When the game was on the line, down by one score, possibly the last play of the game with only 4 seconds left, touchdown AJ Brown. Play designed for AJ Brown. Superstar in the making.
  6. I am absolutely devastated. Now I know how the rojo owners felt at the beginning of the season.
  7. I'm all in on this Titans offense this season. I never imagined I'd feel this way a year ago.
  8. Ok he's a below average corner. AJ Brown dominated this entire defense and he'll do it again.
  9. It was Josh Norman on him tonight who's not as good as he was in 2015 but he's still an average NFL caliber corner in the NFL. Whoever was on him matters very little to me, the most important thing is he didn't look injured or hobbled. He looked elite to me last season and I think he's going to torch the Texans next week.
  10. The beautiful thing about Derrick Henry is you don't need any deep analytics of his game. He's big and fast in open space and he plays for a team that's willing to give him 25 rushing attempts per game and all the GL opportunities. This isn't complex stuff folks.
  11. Leveon Bell on the Jets is like Demarco Murray playing for the Eagles. I believe Leveon Bell is still the same player and will be great on a team that uses him. Which is why I'm hoping he gets picked up by Tampa Bay so Bruce Arians can add to his stable of bastard running backs of the NFL.
  12. You can't call him a bust when he's putting up RB2 numbers every week. I would be surprised if he ends the season with less than RB1 numbers. This team will start leaning on him to keep their defense off the field.
  13. Andy Dalton isn't anything special but he's probably still starter QB material when he's not playing for a dogshit Bengals team and we know he has no problem throwing the ball downfield as we saw today with Gallup. I think Cee Dee is going to be fine as he creates separation pretty easily.