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  1. Lol I hope you came to your senses before the game.
  2. I'm not going to say Lattimore wasn't the problem but Tannehill was sacked 5 times.
  3. He did blow up this week and last week but he may have costed some people in week 14, but yeah 40+ bomb games is insane.
  4. Nobody was better than Michael Thomas in the playoffs. He scored 30+ points (PPR) in each of the playoff rounds. You can't ask for more than that.
  5. Henry if he's playing otherwise AJ Brown. Go big or go home in the championship.
  6. Give me the best WR the past 3 weeks playing at home, trying to clinch a playoff spot.
  7. I'd lean Waller. He's coming off a nice week and no Josh Jacobs should keep his volume healthy.
  8. Going against Buffalo this week, sounds like a James White game. Anyone rolling him out in the championship?
  9. Full PPR choose 1: Golladay @ Denver James White vs. Buffalo Perriman vs. Houston A. Miller vs. KC AJ Brown vs. NO T. McLaurin vs. NYG Alexander Mattison vs. GB
  10. same with Aaron Jones. This team does nothing after halftime. It would probably help if they got Jones more involved in the passing game to keep drives alive.
  11. I am disgusted, should have known this was coming.