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  1. I need Tyreek and Aaron Jones to outscore Travis Kelce by 4 points.
  2. yes. Chargers secondary is one of the league’s best. Chark’s targets vary widely. I may go Ekeler or Guice over him.
  3. 12Team. Half ppr. Start 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE Flex At 7-2, playoffs are assured. RBs: Aaron Jones, Sony, Ekeler, Miles Sanders, Jaylen Samuels WRs: Tyreek, Hopkins, DJChark, TYHilton, Zach Pascal, AJGreen TE: Waller Just dropped AJGreen. I need to fill a bench spot with a player that will carry the most value going into the playoffs. Available RBs Ryquell, Gus Edwards, Malcom Brown & Tony Pollard are handcuffs who could be strong starts if the lead back goes down. With Fournette's injury history, Ryquell seems a decent bet to get a chance. And he did see some action last week in a supporting role. AP and Guice are available. Guice offers the chance on a yet unfulfilled talent getting going down the stretch. Or its a timeshare in a moribund offense. There's a number of TEs out there, including Gesicki, Herndon and Jonnu Smith. The hype train on Gesicki is running hot, with Miami losing Preston Williams and Drake. Gesicki could become a big target for Fitz down the stretch. So it's a question of running back depth, or TE depth. With a TE possible at Flex, and Waller's production slowing lately, maybe the upside TE is the way to go. Who to add? Will help in return.
  4. Ekeler has averaged 12.5 pts a game in half ppr since Gordon is back. It’s been a bit up and down, but I think people crying bust are mistaken. The guy was drafted in the 8th round for cryin’ out loud, and has returned very very good value. Other than the one stinker vs Pittsburgh, he’s been a reliable starter for lots of winning teams, even with Gordon and Henry back in the lineup. I don’t foresee this changing. People can go chase Ty Johnson or Edmunds, and meanwhile, Ekeler owners will start him knowing he’s got a decent floor with elite upside every week. If you’re tearing him down, you probably have at least 2-3 players you drafted before him who have done far worse than him.
  5. the experience of dull disappointment when clicking on that video link and getting a static screen and a legal message informing me that due to ownership I cannot see the video replicates remarkably well the experience of checking the twitter 6 times an hour to see if AJ’s been acquired by another NFL team so he can be wildly successful but instead only finding out repeatedly that there has been absolutely no change in the situation whatsoever.
  6. That's not a pretty group. But nothing about TE in fantasy after the top 5-6 guys is pretty. Knox seems to have the best outlook, but maybe that's because he hasn't had the chance to fail fantasy owners yet like all TEs seem to do. But he's got an exciting QB in an offense with limited competition for targets. Knox. Thanks for mine.
  7. I like trade one a lot. When Hollywood comes back, he looks like he will be steady with upside. I don't like trade two so much, but I wouldn't fault you for taking a chance. If Mahomes' ankle is nagging all season, trading him would look prudent. If he shakes it off and regains the magic, he could offset the fair benefit EZ should give over Jacobs. Thanks for mine.
  8. Hope I'm not too late. Got back to this after halftime. I like McKissic. I had him on my roster a couple of years ago and I liked what I saw when I watched him on the field. I'd say he's a good stash. Thanks for mine.
  9. 12 team half ppr. I'm 4-2 RBs: AJones, Sony, Ekeler, MSanders & Darrel Williams WRs: Hopkins, Tyreek, Chark, AJGreen & DJax My potential trade partner is 2-4. RBs: LBell, JJacobs, Fournette WRs: MEvans, Fuller, Marvin Jones, Tyrell Williams I need a steady reliable RB. I can offer Hop and his upside and throw in Sanders. Thoughts? w h i r
  10. AJ Green. He was dropped in my league by an owner with serious bye/injury issues. A nice piece to have a bench for a wait and see.
  11. My Waller is out too. Picked up Herndon, but he's out and I dropped him. So now I'm going with Jared Cook. Chose him over Witten, Fant, Eifert, Sprinkle, and both Houston TEs, among others. OJ is not available in my league, but considering the trends, I'd play Cook over him. Outside of possible TDs, in my mind, Fant and WItten are closest to Cook. Maybe that helps. This is an ugly situation.
  12. I'm in the same boat. Waller on bye, and waiver "prize" Herndon out. I'm on the fence between VDavis and Ellison. Leaning Ellison. Tight end is such a big part of what the Giants do. Rhett has good hands and all I'm hoping for is not-zero from my TE spot.
  13. Nevermind. Found it. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Mike Nugent in warmups, with the snapper and holder, was 2/5 from 48/49 yards and 1/4 from 51/52 yards.</p>&mdash; Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) <a href="">October 6, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>