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  1. There was a whole lot of positivity around Drake all summer. Many of us had him ranked at the end of the first, around Jacobs and Sanders and ahead of the guys with “question marks”, AJones and Ekeler. He was a high confidence RB1 with top 5 upside, many people proclaimed. The hype on Drake was based on how he balled out down the stretch, and how the maturation of Murray, the addition of Hopkins, and the fast rate of play that the Cards were going to play. This was going to be a high scoring offense going up and down the field. Drake would benefit from spread defenses and would be peppered with screen passes as an integral part. It was conceded that a Murray would take some goal line touches, but in a prolific offense, there would be enough chances to go around. I drafted him at 1.10. The first two weeks were certainly disappointing, but there was a general belief that he would take off when the schedule opened up with lighter defenses. He even tweeted out last week to his detractors, hinting that a big day was coming. Well yesterday, that did not happen. When the cards offense came out onto the field, it was with Chase Edmonds in the backfield. He promptly got two handoffs and showed some energy. Drake came in after that. On his first two runs the oline gave little push, not much space and he did not create anything himself. That was pretty much how he looked the whole game. He looked like JAG in a pass first offense, interchangeable with Edmonds, who did not seem to have any integral part of the game plan. So, we are left with a RB3/flex value for a round one price. Not great.
  2. I have McKinnon, Jonnu and Kelley and just one starter spot for one of them on my roster. Someone is going to massively blow up while on my bench.
  3. From TitansWire: The good news is that Smith returned to practice, so it appears Wednesday was just a rest day. Jonnu is back in my lineup. That means Gesicki will go for 6/95/1 tonight and the next 3 days will be angst-ridden.
  4. These two are a strong pair. I’m happy to say that both are on my team. Jonnu has an edge over Gesicki for me, but each of them has a wide range of possible outcomes each week. Jonnu (along with a few other TEs around the league) looks like he could be the next consistent TE1 we’ve been waiting for. But those precious targets are not as bankable as they are with Kelce and Kittle, yet. That said, I’m watching practice reports today. I don’t want to play around with injury reports for the next three days. Unless I hear the all clear signal for Jonnu from the Titans, I’m going to have to give Gesicki the start tonight.
  5. Anyone find any info on why Jonnu sat out practice?
  6. Saw this on twtter yesterday: Browns Highest-Scoring RB by Week (PPR) W1: Chubb W2: Chubb W3: Chubb W4: Chubb W5: Chubb W6: Chubb W7: BYE W8: Chubb W9: Chubb ~Kareem Hunt returns from suspension~ W10: Hunt W11: Hunt W12: Chubb W13: Hunt W14: Hunt W15: Chubb W16: Hunt W17: Hunt W1 (2020): Hunt You are sitting pretty with Hunt. Thanks for mine.
  7. 12 Team Half ppr. My team is 1-0. My receivers are strong but I lack a hammer at RB. They are 0-1 and have just lost MT for a bit. Me: RB: Drake, Hines, MBrown, Akers, TCohen, JKelley WR: Adams, Ridley, DJMoore, Woods Them: RB: Ekeler, JT, JRobinson, RJones, AGibson, PBarber WR: Hilton, Ruggs, Shepard, MThomas I can offer a package like Ridley/JKelley for JT/Ruggs. Thoughts? WHIR
  8. I love Lindsay, but turf toe is notoriously tough to shake off. It could be a week or two, or could hobble him all season. I’m not great at RB, so I don’t have the time to wait and see when he gets back. I’m bidding on two of those hot RB FA adds, and dropping Lindsay. If I had better RB depth, it might be worth waiting.
  9. Full disclosure: Akers owner here. I think this thinking of McVeigh as basing decisions only on victories and success may be over simplifying. McVeigh is coach of men. He knows that it takes time to build a true pro, and the road is rarely straight up. He knows that Cam is a young guy, with talent he appreciated enough to spend the draft capital to acquire him, WHO WAS PLAYING HIS FIRST SNAPS ON AN NFL FIELD. I'd say that McVeigh will be realistic and that Cam will get his chance again. Not every rookie back hits the scene like CEH or KHunt. There's coaching to be done, and reps to take, and games to be played. This story is not finished. Just my 2¢.
  10. The acquisition of Fournette certainly adds to what was already a potent Bucs offense. Brady has to get a bump up in his projection totals, right? You have to figure that Lenny will catch a few balls from near the goal line that might have been Rojo runs otherwise.
  11. For most of the summer, I was in on those mid round upside QB's. I was aiming to pick up Dak, Kyler or Wilson in Round 5 after starting with 2 Rbs and WRs each. I've moved off of that. The opportunity cost is real. There are too many really good roster building players in those middle rounds. Some will blow up (Like Ekeler, who was drafted in the 8th last year). Teams didn't win last season because they drafted Lamar Jackson; They won because they drafted Lamar Jackson in the 9th round. Now I intend to make sure I leave round 10 with one of Wentz, Brady, or Stafford. Brady's situation is golden. My only trepidation is his age combined, with his zero mobility, combined with the questionable quality of Tampa's o-line. But thinking of his inner fire, his desire to show the world that he is truly the GOAT, and to prove that he will thrive away from the Hoodie's shadow, make him a strong buy for me, especially at ADP.