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  1. Gordon crying over all the $$ he lost not only this season but on his next contract too..
  2. Down 32 with D Williams and Kelce vs Butker. Bout to lose my 2nd final today if I can't pull this comeback off
  3. It's ridiculous that Goff was in the MVP discussion a couple weeks ago
  4. Basically had Davis on my team the whole season. Never had to start him, but needed to start a WR this week with Woods on bye and Jones Jr hurt. But dropped Davis for MVS, and that move will cost me on securing a top 2 seed and a 1st round bye 😔
  5. Standard scoring. For my WR2 spot having trouble deciding between Keenan Allen and Corey Davis...would like the safest combo of floor and ceiling here.
  6. 0 fumbles is key here... An early fumble and his week 11 and ROS outlook tanks
  7. This game sucked for anyone who didn't own or had to face Mahomes and/or Hunt & Hill.
  8. Dalton needs to stop forcing that shiit to Green. KC already caught on after the first 12 targets.