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  1. Who is pulling the trigger on Pettis this week? Starting him over Westbrook and hoping for a 7 tgts/5 receptions/80 yards type of day, maybe we sneak in a TD. Deebo is all but out of this game also.
  2. This may be an unpopular opinion...but thoughts on DJ being a sell high with the following schedule coming up: @NYG (great matchup) @NO SF @TB @SF Bye I’m 3-3 with no time to wait around and his value might not get much higher. His pass catching skills are ridiculous but those are some tough defensive fronts he will be facing soon.
  3. I think the Redskins defense is one you want to attack regardless. I agree that this game has virtually no chance to shoot out, but picking on weak defenses is key for these bye week filler players, which Pettis has unfortunately become. His usage is certainly trending in the right direction and he was close to a score this past weekend. If Deebo doesn't practice this week, this may be a close my eyes and pull the trigger start spot during the first bad bye week for my squad.
  4. I seriously can't decide if OBJ is a buy low candidate or not. The offense looked much better this past week with a bigger emphasis on Chubb. Landry led the team but OBJ was getting tough shadow coverage all game. I can't help but feel like this might be a great buying opportunity. He has a great schedule in the second half of the season from a pass def efficiency perspective (per Warren Sharp's tool -
  5. I am rostering David Johnson and Mark Ingram and I much rather stash Gus than Chase Edmunds. Ingram has been dominating touches but I think it is more likely that this offense keeps humming with Gus compared to the Cards with Edmunds.
  6. Not overreacting to LeVeon's MRI news. Gase came out and said it could be just a little bit of soreness and they are probably being overly cautious. I didn't see Bell go down during the game either. Still holding Samuels instead of picking up Ty.
  7. Really surprised to see no action in this thread since January. Drafting Michael Thomas in the 1st round may not be the sexiest pick you make in your entire draft, but I think it is certainly one of the safest. How does the Rotoworld community compare MT's floor with huge spike weeks with the likes of Davante Adams? In my mind, Adams has the edge in the TD department, but there is a decent amount of unknowns with this new Packer's offense. Adams out of the slot will be interesting, but LaFleur was a run first coach with the Titans and based on reports from OTAs, he is unwilling to turn the offense over to Rodgers. He seems very set on retraining Rodgers at this stage of his career despite his Peyton-like ability to run the offense on the field. Anyone considering drafting MT ahead of Adams for pure safety and known outcomes in the first round?
  8. Baldy is HYPED on DJ Moore this season. Great breakdown of his rookie year. We all know he has the YAC but seeing how creatively they used him across the formation is my biggest takeaway. The coaching staff know they have a playmaker and are actively getting the ball into his hands in many different ways. Very encouraging going into his second year and year two in this offense as an organization. I'm often seeing Moore go behind the tier of Godwin, Lockett, and Ridley. I rank DJ's tier: DJ Moore Tyler Boyd Mike Williams Watkins (lowered for injury reasons and Tyreek looking more likely to return sooner than later) Robby Anderson I think if DJ is there for me in the 5th, I'm taking him every single time. Not entirely sure he will be there by Labor Day though.
  9. If I don't get one of Howard, Henry or Engram, I find myself waiting til the very end of the draft. Is there REALLY that much difference between Vance McDonald going currently at 7.12 and Andrews going at 14.05? I really like Goedert as a real life football player but I prefer MAndrews over him for sure. Hayden Hurst came into the league with a stress fracture in his foot that required surgery and is already dealing with hamstring issues in camp. Not a good look for the 2nd year who will be 26 years old when Week 1 rolls around. Not getting ahead of myself with Andrews but you can take him with your last pick of the draft in most leagues and I think he has as much upside as anyone going outside the top 6-7 TEs.
  10. Anyone concerned about the broken foot suffered in Week 13 last season? I have no idea how many different ways you can break a foot, but I wonder how it compares to the infamous injuries that Julio and Dez suffered. Based on reports, it seems like Kirk is doing great in OTAs, but these foot injuries tend to linger around.
  11. Going at the top of the 9th round in PPR right now (WR40). Absolute steal as your WR4. The Cardinals really can't be any worse than last year and I am starting to get excited about DJ and Kyler Murray. If those two are a success, Larry Fitz should follow closely behind them.
  12. I'm beginning to really like David Montgomery but after getting burned by drafting Joe Mixon in the 4th round his rookie year, I am starting to feel a couple parallels between the two players: Highly touted by evaluators and many expect him to make an instant impact Not much direct competition in the backfield but enough bodies to be a headache. Montgomery should be able to easily outplay Mike Davis/Tarik Cohen just like Joe Mixon should have outplayed Jeremy Hill/Giovani Bernard. Mixon finished his rookie campaign with 178 rushes for 626 yards and 4 TDs. Very disappointing for fantasy drafters. Capable pass catchers but face tough competition with dedicated pass catching RBs on the roster that have a cemented role in the offense. This may be a case of PTSD and wanting to avoid making the same mistake twice, but there ARE key differences: Matt Nagy is not Marvin Lewis. There is no irrational hesitation to feature a rookie. Nagy already demonstrated that he is willing to feature Kareem Hunt and is actively looking for his next Kareem Hunt, which led to this pick. This Bears offensive line is MUCH better than the Bengals line in 2017 Bears overall offense is much stronger and should feature another strong defense, keeping them in positive game script This reasoning shows clearly that Montgomery's situation is not a carbon copy of Mixon's from his rookie year. I have just become hesitant of sinking expensive draft capital into rookies until we see them prove it on the field. Montgomery is currently going in mid Round 4 but I fully expect this to rise to Round 3 by the end of August. How is everyone else approaching this exciting talent. Is Miles Sanders the better value 2 rounds later?
  13. Anyone rolling Miller out tomorrow? Lots of short passes from Chase Daniels in order?
  14. Tough to figure this guy out. Matt Ryan has been great this season and the Atlanta offense looks strong, but you would expect the yardage totals to be more consistent from the WR2 on this team. Rest of season, would you rather roll with Ridley or MVS in PPR?
  15. Looking ahead, it's so difficult to gauge if Sony Michel will be a valuable keeper for next season. It looks like he has the talent to be that bell cow RB that the Patriots always find, but the knee injuries are really adding up. A 7th round value for next season is nice, but we need Sony to stay healthy. I think he gets back on track this week with a positive game script.
  16. Agreed, I'm targeting Dalton for this week and then jumping over to Goff after his matchup with the Vikings. Just worried about AJ Green being out for any time because he has been a strong weapon for Dalton this season in tough situations.
  17. The Falcons lost another safety this weekend in Ricardo Allen. Their injuries on the defensive side of the ball are really starting to add up. I like this spot for Dalton as a streamer but Green's injury and FOUR picks this weekend are giving me reasons to second guess. I didn't see much of the game this weekend, any Bengals/Panthers fans with insight on how Dalton played?
  18. As a Fournette owner, I think Grant is a smart stash. Might fire him up over Clement considering his injury paired with Yeldon’s. If the jags get up big, they will kill clock with Grant to preserve yeldon’s ankle imo.
  19. Rather have Sony Michel in his timeshare than Alfred in SF. He is going to be serviceable enough all season but you will essentially need to be guessing correctly when he gets in the end zone in order to get return on starting him. Not enough upside for me.
  20. I thought this matchup would be a slam dunk with the high point total but I have been reading a lot of negativity about Garoppolo. Rotoworld Start/Sit even has his listed as a Sit since he will be playing in one of the most chaotic stadiums in the league this week. His floor relies on Goodwin being healthy. If he can get back on the field, that receiving corp looks more with Garcon and Kittle. I don't see Mahomes letting up now, so the 49ers will be chasing points against a swiss cheese defense. I have Bortles and Dalton on the wire but I want to stick with Jimmy and wait on a report on Goodwin's health.
  21. Cousins does have a tough schedule coming up. After hosting the Bills, the Vikings travel to LA for the Rams and then to Philly. I can only imagine what those defensive will do the Vikings o-line. Are you guys confident enough to roll him out through those matchups too?
  22. This Cardinals team looked so much worse than I was expecting against a good, but not great, Redskins squad. The Cardinals schedule is brutal in weeks to come, and the lack of creativity for getting the ball into DJ's hands is a major red flag to me. I think you can still get 1st round value for DJ but I'm afraid that won't be the case after a few more weeks. I think I am jumping ship for a package including Hopkins, but I still love watching DJ run because he's one of the smoothest out there.