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  1. holy triple post! Fingers crossed Bagely can get up to speed and be 100% for their playoff push.
  2. this living fossil just played 44 minutes and 53 seconds...
  3. Gauge if it is more beneficial to pick up the best player available, or is it better to keep the spot open to stream? If picking up the best player available, I like bridge's consistent role, you know what your gonna get with him minutes wise, Mikal is sneaky value this year posting just under top 100 for the season. I believe that is good enough to trump a streaming spot, especially in a 14team league. Great trade for you, good luck with the rest of your season.
  4. I need some upside after Fairbairn ripped me a new one. It's raining in NYC so maybe they feed the runners.
  5. I think he is trending towards must own if not already with tonights game. go get him boys.
  6. I have a feeling Tyreek Hill is going to score the game winning TD on a bomb..