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  1. I think you are correct. so is JuJu going to be a sure-fire top24 option moving forward?
  2. Steelers played Claypool so much, the opponent game planned to take CC out of the game, this is when JuJu & DJ received usage. Uncertain where this leaves JuJu going forward, assuming that DJ is healthy, we won't know week to week if it'll be CC, DJ or JuJu, But with DJ injured, I can definitely see myself starting him next week and probably be disappointed.
  3. what are the odds that Leo gets injured again? 35%?
  4. the one bright spot on my main team.. so naturally, this will end poorly. SELL HIGH
  5. fwiw saw CC on the sidelines during the game all smiles. Might not be too serious.
  6. hard to sell RoJo for face value, always get low balled in a counter offer. Just have to hope Lenny gets hurt again...
  7. RoJo owner here. Stopping by to say that Leo will get injured mid-game next week, so don't start him.
  8. WFT came out with a vengeance today, their defense was way too physical for the Cowgirls. CeeDee was getting jammed all day long, pair that with a DINUCCI European french sounding QB, and yeah... no bueno. benching until Fitzmagic comes over.
  9. Definitely like JW over the guys you listed. Got Henry, Gurley & RoJo stack going on...would be a no brainer start for most others.