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  1. Good chance Rivers is gone next year so it will be an interesting development.
  2. Every WR on Eagles roster is dead. This dude a Top 5-7 play this week against a SOFT Dallas def?
  3. Everybody saying he looks good running around with a SHOULDER INJURY.
  4. No.... game was a shootout and close the entire time.
  5. I feel like it sets up perfectly for a WR like Beasley. I don't think Buffalo will find much running room against the Steelers and with that pass rush quick throws to the slot might be the perfect recipe for success
  6. I meant the I have Mattison but don't have Cook boat
  7. I'm in the same boat. Think I might drop him for AP
  8. Brady with his arm wrapped in ice at the press conference. Bengals on deck. If there was a Sony games this is it....... right?
  9. Why?.... you think they are going to want Kyle Allen to throw it more than 50 times and only complete half of them like this past Sunday?
  10. This week and next vs Cincy are really tasty matchups
  11. Need 5.3 pts (PPR) from Diggs to lock in my #1 spot and the bye.
  12. He's no top tier guy but man am I happy I can slot him in my TE spot [...] It could be so much worse.
  13. Yes. I want no part of his 100 yds and 2 TD's. Bench for sure.
  14. I absolutely do seeing as he WON'T step on the field