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  1. Traded AJ Green for AJ Brown last week.....
  2. This.... Hunt walked to an open area and laid down and lifted his leg up and the trainer immediately started stretching his foot back. Textbook cramp stretching
  3. Even with Edwards getting close to returning?
  4. Any concern for that injury at the end of the game? Looked like he was favoring his hamstring when he left the game.
  5. Time to bail....unfortunately. I had faith and started him but there are other guys I'm going to lean on from here on out. Sucks.....
  6. Just got offered Cooper/Allen for my Dhop. 10 team PPR and I have Michael Thomas as well. Would leave me pretty well stacked at WR but I like having Thomas and Hopkins in there. Would you guys take it?
  7. He won't get Franchise tagged again.... He's playing for what will likely be his last chance at a sizable contract. He has every reason in the world to stay on the field and produce this year.
  8. I am....garbage time points could be huge in this one
  9. Julio is the same age. He not in his prime either?
  10. I saw it as well. He got plugged in the backfield on a carry and immediately turned and pumped his fists and screamed at the sideline then turned and headed towards the huddle shaking his head.
  11. Early round targets are tough as most of the league is probably after them. The late rounders however I reached for and got the guys I wanted Aiyuk, Ruggs and Shenault for WR and I landed Gibson for RB as well.
  12. So you agree that you said more..... hmmm....not sure the D arrow is pointing in the right direction.
  13. See bolded.... have you seen Baker Mayfield play football before??
  14. The release of Sanu definitely helps..