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  1. Tampa with Arians had a nice thing going here. The worry has to be is it all undermined now with TB getting his man in against his coaches better judgement? We will have to wait and see I guess
  2. Mystery injury picked up at practise, sounds like somebody might be getting shopped
  3. No he cost me my week because people on this thread convinced me against my better nature not to drop him, he was the real deal. He's fools gold at this point
  4. Looks like The Big O will be eating into his targets from here on. Front office really seem to like that guy
  5. He's overrated and crocked on a bad team. If Goedert is on the wire, drop city
  6. Fantasys best kept secret. Should have had the game winning TD last night but was being held by defender. Telling that they had the confidence to go for that play with him in that moment. He is perfect foil to Hopkins in that offense. Why they persist targeting butterfingers Isabella is beyond me however, Kingsbury one of these coaches who finds a problem for every solution maybe
  7. Kyler isn't a top 10 real life QB. Great for fantasy, and he might get there in time, but putting the game on him to the extent they do isn't winning football. This didn't age very well
  8. DK owner. Sometimes you have to ditch fantasy and respect the greatness before your eyes. This guy is beyond the beyonds