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  1. I’ve said it with Howard and I’ve said it with Monty: We criticize coaches all the time for not getting the most of their QBs and having a bad offense but for some reason that only refers to passing offense. Why do we not extend the same criticism to calling a running scheme? Nagy is one of the worst in the league without a question. They haven’t had a bad line for most of his tenure yet almost every back struggles to reach 4 YPC. I’ve watched tape multiple times and their run play calling is laughably pathetic for an NFL team. It almost seems like he only uses the run to setup the pass instead of having an actual competent run game.
  2. Two things: 1. The being forced to throw argument would work except the combined YPC of all those guys is 3 against the Seahawks. Their combined YPC against every other team is 4.6 YPC. Them being stuffed and performing near 2 yards worse has nothing to do with game script. 2. This version of Seattle is likely going to put up points quickly often. Teams are going to have to air it out often to keep up. So yes game script is a legitimate concern and likely won’t work in favor of most RBs that face Seattle. Seattle isn’t a great D. It’s one of the worst in the league. However, they’re a very good run D for the reasons listed above. The matchup may look great on paper for Drake when in reality it’s more spotty than it seems.
  3. Seattle run defense is literally the only thing going for their defense and they get Adams back most likely along with a few other pieces. Sure Mattison and Cook did well but that is more of an outlier. Gaskin - 10/40 Elliot - 14/34 Michel - 7/19 Gurley - 14/56 Drake will still get chances considering that the defense is bad as a unit so there should be a few GL chances but considering Murray is a GL vulture the matchup isn't as good as it may seem on paper. With his lack of usage in the pass game it can easily be another 5 point game.
  4. When an extremely hyped pick doesn’t meet expectations that’s always going to be the case.
  5. CEH can’t even keep Williams bum a** off his back and people really think he will keep Bell away? Lmao...
  6. Am I blind or is the review a waste of time? Obviously a TD.
  7. I’ve been fine with him all year unlike some people in this thread but this is the first week he really delivered on exactly what I drafted him for. There’s no doubt Henry in open space is the most exciting RB to watch. I still think he plods for a good majority of his runs when there’s no room but damn the other runs make it worth it.
  8. Who would’ve thought game script would be killing Parker. Hopefully teams can start to put up points.
  9. I honestly rather have Gaskin ROS than Robinson. Robinson hasn't broke 50 rushing yards 3 out of the last 4 weeks. He is on an absolutely awful team with arguably the worst defense in the NFL which will lead to terrible game scripts. Gaskin just seems like the better play being in a good offense on a solid team.
  10. If you aren’t picking whoever is playing the Jets you are doing it wrong