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  1. That’s cool and all but where do you think Wilt Chamberlain and Tim Duncan will sign?
  2. I’m surprised more people don’t know how absolute massive a scumbag and POS Malone was.
  3. The wild card is that the top of the Cleveland organization is run by absolute morons. The team is a circus. Clearly nothing has changed with Odell walking around slapping a cops a**.
  4. Russell didn't own Wilt. Russell played with a roster consisting of 9 HOFers. In their head to head matchups Wilt averaged 30/28/4 on 49%. Russell averaged 14/24/4 on 37% Imagine being 7 feet tall and shooting under 40%. Russell got locked down by Wilt. He just happened to play with the most loaded roster in NBA history.
  5. Wilt was arguably the biggest freak athlete in history. That man was next level ****. Imagine being 7 1 and near 300 pounds with a 40 inch vertical and the ability to run the 100m in under 11 seconds. He dunked a ball so hard that it broke a dudes toe and fouled a dude so hard with one arm it lifted him off the ground and caused his knees to shake at the line. Stories of him picking up dudes that weigh 200 something pounds with one arm like they're little kids. Wilt would be the GOAT QB. Probably chug the ball 100 yards with defenders bouncing off him. Brady could never...
  6. THAT level is people putting Duncan top 5-7 all time. No thanks. Just because you’re an all time great doesn’t mean you can’t be overrated.
  7. No one talks about it being a 2 point game in game 7 with 50 seconds against the Heat and a dude that’s 7 ft tall missed a wide open layup from 2 feet.
  8. Are you going to pretend like the other games don't exist? He was flat our horrible last year in the Super Bowl and they won. Take that as a balancing game. His first ring he won he was horrible as well. Hell, for his first few rings he was mediocre across the board in the AFCC and SB. The guyis 14th in career playoff passer rating. Rodgers is 4th. I don't get why it's such a big deal. The dudes overrated. So what? It's more power to the Patriots for being one of the best organizations in sports history with one of the best coaches in sports history. Your QB is one of the most overrated in history big deal. You put Rodgers in his shoes and the dude would have a ring for each finger.
  9. Rodgers has had a top 5 defense ONCE in his career. He won the Super Bowl that year. It's a shame though. If only he could play defense as good as Brady. Maybe then he would be more clutch and win more rings.
  10. I forgot Tom Brady plays by himself in big games. Here's the Patriots defense in league ranking in terms of PPG allowed in his career: 6th, 17th, 1st, 3rd, 17th, 2nd, 4th, , 2nd, 4th, 8th, 16th, 9th, 10th, 8th, 9th, 1st, 5th, 7th, 1st In 18 seasons he's had a top 10 defense 15 times. He's had a top 5 defense 9 times. The dude has played with a top 5 defense half of his career. He's played with arguably the GOAT TE, arguably the most gifted WR of all time, and the greatest coach of all time. Yes though, the way Tom Brady motivates his defense is amazing. Rodgers could never will his defense to such heights. Brady is such an amazing teammate and plays top level defense. Incredible.
  11. It depends what your definition of GOAT is. Honestly, i'm not too into NFL history like I am with the NBA so I can only speak from guys i've seen. PERSONALLY, I rather have Rodgers and Manning. This is not to discredit Brady they are just better football players. It's funny how much credit we give to rings in one of the most team dominant sports in the world. Brady is more like Tim Duncan than Lebron. He's obviously great but in terms of talent, skill, and just flat out ability he clearly isn't on THAT level.
  12. Wilson is underrated Carroll is overrated It's that simple.