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  1. One more thing: The "known" factor of RBs is always going to be a round or two behind the known factor of WRs. The only exceptions will be found inside the top 5 and some years inside the top 2-3. At the same time, the ceiling of WRs is always going to lag behind the RBs. RBs are going to be drafted with more risk due to the value of elite RBs. So yes, Gurley has less known than WRs, QBs, and TEs in that range but you can say that for any RB relative to any WR or QB at any point of the draft. It's just such a weak argument.
  2. This just makes no sense. You got guys like K. Johnson, D. Johnson, Montgomery, and Mack going in that range. There's no such a thing as "knowns" with RBs in the 5th round. So you say just don't draft a back. That's great and all except if you went WR/WR/RB/WR to start or any other combination where you only have 1 RB due to players dropping or whatever. Even if you have 2 RBs Gurley is a great pick in round 5. Finding a RB with a hold on the starting role and all the GL work while playing for an elite offense in round 5 is extremely rare. Even with the questions it's a great pick. This conversation is pointless though because Gurley isn't going to go anywhere near round 5. His ADP is going to settle in the 30-40 range.
  3. Eh, maybe and maybe not. Wilson never had two very good WRs. When Baldwin was the #1 Lockett was more of a specialist. I also don't think Baldwin or Lockett are very good #1s but rather benefits of being the #1 to Wilson. They're more like WR2 talents. I think DK is a legit #1 WR so this is the first time Wilson actually has very good WRs. However, if Wilson can't support two top 15 WRs Mayfield damn sure can't.
  4. Yeah no not even close. In fact, he's never been the best slot WR in the league. Antonio Brown was the best slot WR in the NFL for years (even though he did plenty damage outside the slot). Tyreke Hill is also WAY better in the slot. Thielen as well. There's a very compelling case for Kupp and Edelman had some seasons that were better than him. JuJu dominated in the slot 2 years ago as well. Landry is a very good slot WR but "Best slot WR in the game for a long time?" Yeah, no. He never had a single season as the best slot WR and hasn't been in the top 3 most seasons let alone best in the game.
  5. You really think I care about Brady? It’s easy to take to social media and support a cause every single person supports. It’s easy to support something that has only positive benefits for you if you support it. Lebron has been fighting for social justice his entire career but the second fighting for it would impact him negatively with China he shut up. That’s my point. Taking to twitter to support an issue everyone supports doesn’t make you a hero. Jaylen Brown is not the norm because the reality is most athletes aren’t heroes. They’re just rich guys with a bigger platform. Tweeting and posting politically correct stuff doesn’t make you a hero. Also, politically correct just means non-controversial or not against the grain. It has nothing to do with Brady specifically he’s just the one mentioned.
  6. Every human being that isn’t a total waste of oxygen thinks what the cop did is wrong. Speaking out on actual police brutality is maybe a bit different. Although all of it is free PR points as it stands. Taking action is where respect is earned. Jaylen Brown from the Celtics drove all the way from Boston to lead a peaceful protest in Atlanta. That’s how you earn real respect.
  7. Brady speaks out and says murder is wrong. Wow. National hero. Give him the Nobel Peace Prize.
  8. He’s not overrated. Everyone knows he sucks.
  9. People probably have a salty taste in their mouth because he burned them so bad. The thing is, Conner never was a first round pick value. He’s just not an elite talent and Bell led people to delusions anyone can do it. While he was pretty horrible last year, he still got solid work as a pass catcher and he was doing fairly solid from the GL. Samuels is a good receiver but he can’t really run the ball, Snell is a flat out JAG, and a 4th round rookie is hardly a threat as of now. His ADP is around 40 on FFC. Yeah, that’s too high for sure but not by TOO much. Maybe by a round or two. He’s the starter for now and the starting RB for the Steelers is always going to have value. The problem is I really question his grip on that role. He didn’t break 15 carries until week 6 and when he came back from his injury he didn’t get double digit carries once. Doesn’t exactly make you think Tomlin likes giving him the ball...
  10. No real indication Hunt is available for trade. Problem is Seattle looks for a breed of extremely aggressive RBs that fight for every inch no matter what. Doesn’t make for exactly long careers. I mean, Rawls was destroying the league and then his career basically ended and Carson is possibly headed towards a similar path. Even watching Carson play I would think at times there’s no way he’s going to last. Not everyone is Lynch...
  11. Or Ray Rice. I mean, he clapped his girl pretty hard on the elevator...
  12. Right. They seem like hit or miss in terms of severity. The problem is when they hit they hit extremely hard. Clearly Seattle isn't extremely confident as they drafted and signed a RB. That's my main worry at this point. Not that Hyde is any kind of threat it's the severity of the injury. That being said, I think this should clear up before most people draft.
  13. Hip injuries can be terrible which is a concern. I know it is a different sport but it basically made Isaiah Thomas go from a superstar to a journeyman backup.
  14. I mean how are defenses going to stop him when he is the fourth WR after DK, Brown, and Lockett?
  15. First off, that clip is overblown for sure and him waiting for a hole to open up isn't the problem. For me, the problem on the play is something more subtle and it's something I've noticed about him since he came back from his hand injury. It's how he turns the corner. I mean, obviously there's 3 defenders there and he isn't going anywhere but he takes 3 mini steps jogs into the corner and gets swallowed up. Usually, that's where you change gears even if you know the play is dead. You explode with a cut into the defenders to try and get at least an extra yard or two. DJ has been lacking that second gear and that burst ever since he came back from his injury. Go watch game tape of him and it's the same thing over and over. He just runs with no motivation, burst, decisiveness or anything like that. Going through the motions is the best way to explain it. Who knows, maybe this changes on the Texans. Running for that god awful scheme a few years ago would do a number on anyone.
  16. You are correct. I don't need advanced stats to tell me Elway was mediocre his first 10 years and was straight trash by any measure in the Super Bowl.
  17. Elway went 12/22 for 123 yards with no TDs and an interception in a Super Bowl and won. Davis had more rushing yards than Elway had passing yards. 3 TDs to 8 INT in the biggest game in the NFL and you are going to argue that he had that crazy clutch gene. What are you talking about with Young? Young had 65% career completion percentage and led the league in the category for 5 years. He led the league in lowest interception percentage multiple times.Yes, Favre was a slinger but he made up for it by leading the league in yards and TDs multiple times. Elway never led the league in TDs and led the league in yards once. Like I said, Elway finished top 5 in yards twice and TDs 3 times in his entire career. This is while throwing picks left and right and being a slinger like you claim. During Elways first 10 years 15 QBs started 80 games. He ranks 14th in passer rating. So your argument that he was a top 5 QB all this time is wrong. Dudes stats were absolute trash for even his era. Dave Krieg had better stats over that period.Trust me, I know all about Dave Krieg and he wasn't very good at football. Elway was straight up trash for his first 10 years by elite QB standards. So his entire case is built on 6 years. Yet during his peak glory years he was barely putting up top 5 numbers in terms of rating. Chris Chandler was putting up close numbers to him during his absolute peak years. His claim is built on being an iron man and having good career numbers. You claim he was clutch...Sure he led his team to comebacks but he was still carried by his defense and arguably the best post season RB in history. - Sucked his first 10 years - He was maybe borderline elite for his last 5-6 years - Defense and RB carried him to Super Bowl wins. Obviously backed up by his horrible stats So the claim is he was clutch and won some Super Bowls. Yeah, he is more Eli Manning than the guys he gets thrown in. Don't get me wrong, he is clearly better than Manning as he put up some legit elite years but he is closer to Manning than he is to Young that's for damn sure. Also, this is not revisionist history. It's like talking bad about any QB from the 80s-90s era is NFL taboo. If Elway played in the modern NFL with all the modern analytics he would get absolutely slaughtered for his awful first 10 years. However, all people look at is he made some Super Bowls without any context.
  18. I believed it would be a messy timeshare. it had nothing to do with the Chiefs but rather than the fact that Williams sucks. CEH doesn't suck. Thus, case closed.
  19. I honestly think Carsons fumbling issues are overblown at this point. Hyde isn't going to become relevant unless Carson gets hurt. So assuming he gets hurt, is he worthy as a handcuff? I don't know. The only healthy RB outside of Carson they had going into the season that can handle work is Dallas. He is a rookie so that can't really fly on a Pete Carroll team. It's not even lack of faith in Penny it's that he can miss half the season. Which really doesn't look well for Penny admittingly as when injuries take that long it rarely bodes well. So even if we remove Penny from the equation fully Hyde still has to significantly out snap Dallas to be relevant as he isn't going to be doing anything in the passing game. It's just tough to see significant value. If I were to do handcuff rankings Hyde would be like in the middle of the pack. How much value that has I don't know considering I never draft handcuffs to my RBs in the late rounds rather I draft on potential and for that reason Hyde isn't for me. If you are worried about Carson though then yes Hyde is the best bet.
  20. He's MAYBE worth a late round flier in a 12 team league. For him to become valuable in fantasy 3 things need to happen. 1) Carson needs to get hurt. Preferably early in the season before Penny comes back so Hyde can make a mark 2) Penny has to not be good. I've been critical of him but he really started to show promise. That being said, his injury is no joke. 3) Dallas has to not be relevant. I think he looks promising and is a great fit for the offense so who knows? If all 3 things happen then you get MAYBE a mid tier RB2. Hyde isn't going to catch you any passes and he's not elite. Seattle's offensive line isn't good enough either to make any RB just shine. We've seen this clearly in the period after Lynch before Carson. So you're hoping he can basically produce for like 20/85 with 1/10 or something with the hopes of a TD. Which is obviously pretty good for a guy you took at the end of the draft but so much has to go right to get there just makes it not worth it. Hyde is likely to be that dude you pick up as a last second emergency and plug him in hoping for like 7/35 and a lucky TD plunge.