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  1. You can. I even said it’s a stupid pick when they drafted him. He’s a burner with bad hands which is EXACTLY what they don’t need. Literally the opposite. Jefferson on the other hand... It was a stupid pick with no hindsight. In hindsight it’s even a dumber pick. Eagles GM is awful.
  2. What a horse **** call. The ref was looking right at the ******** ball
  3. Where the f--- is Sanders? Pederson is a one year fluke clown.
  4. Wentz is honestly the worst QB in the entire NFL and Sanders value should be adjusted to that.
  5. It's funny. No matter where you stand politically and on COVID the NFL looks like a laughing stock. Kind of hard to do so i'll give them that.
  6. That's absurdly dumb. So a guy like Big Ben can get 40-50 points counted towards week 13? Steelers defense can get 30+? Keep in mind, some leagues have playoffs start week 13 and week 13 is a make or break week for a lot of other teams. Either play tomorrow or move the game. I have a league where I need the game to happen but rather get it moved than this bullshit the NFL is trying to pull.
  7. Works great. They send their starters against the Steelers and their practice squad against the Cowboys. Good way to get two wins in one day.
  8. Absolutely shocked. NFL to testing centers:
  9. The over under for Steelers defense should be 20 fantasy points.
  10. Look, the health of people is extremely important. However, as important as MY fantasy team?
  11. Don’t worry the results will be negative. It’s like magic
  12. Steelers defense going to drop 40
  13. Boys it’s 2020. Hinton about to lead a second half comeback
  14. My worry is they scrap it and don’t give him any snaps in the second half
  15. I’m starting to think Hinton wasn’t a good idea...
  16. 4th quarter can be some garbage time for Hinton if Saints build a lead