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  1. Definitely worth picking up... his return is near.
  2. RIP the Freeman dream. Benching him until Lindsay hurts himself.
  3. This. Exactly why I'm waiting on the official news. His usage was solid prior to going down. What if he's only out 2-6 weeks - we don't know at this point... but it sure would be nice to know
  4. This is crazy how long it's taking for official news on his injury.... not wanting to prematurely drop if the intent is he will be back this year for the regular season.... biting my nails with an IR slot waiting for him if so.
  5. In addition to Carson outplaying Penny... Pete had this to say regarding why the close 50/50 split.... next week will be telling, but hoping this is truly why it was closer to 50/50 - Carroll said accounting for the elevation is why there was some added rotation at some positions and he specifically cited, when asked about it, the tailback spot where Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny each played 25 of the team’s 57 offensive snaps. “He felt it,’’ Carroll said of Carson and the altitude. “Those guys were feeling it a little bit.’’
  6. I'm just ready for this backfield split to stop... make Foreman your 1/2/GL back and Miller your 3rd down/COP back already and be done with it! Owning both Miller and Foreman (as a cuff) in one league, this is as maddening as last years Freeman/Coleman situation... minus the TD upside.
  7. Noticing Malcom Butler's comments on Watson comparing him to Cam Newton (the good version of Newton, not the 2016-2017 version)... I remembered that Cam Newton was great his 2011-2012 campaigns... won a few leagues for people in fact due to his rushing ability. Intrigued... I pulled up Cam's rookie season game by game stat line - He had some "rookie moment" games (week 2, 6, 10 stand out), where he threw 0-1 TD's and multiple Int's, but his rushing yards + rushing TD probability masked those rookie mistakes for fantasy owners. I'm bringing this up solely as a comparison. Unfortunately we only have 2 true games under our belts to compare, but from what I have seen from Watson he has the ability to approach if not match Cam's rookie performance. This is really just me hoping, hyping him up for my own selfish reasons because Cam is killing me this year, but the "what if" is exciting...and the possibility is there.
  8. As an owner of Cam, struggling with what to do at QB this year... Watson has me tempted to pick him up... in 4 point passing TD leagues, that rushing ability and rushing TD potential is premium.
  9. I'm down 21 points and have Dan Bailey + Jason Witten playing. Please oh please.
  10. I'm dropping him, he's tanking me in 2 of my 3 leagues... picking up 2 QB's to stream with... a combo of Trevor Siemian, Carson Wentz, Eli Manning, and Deshaun Watson. All of these replacements have looked better, and have better weapons to sustain point production.
  11. Seattle over it's last two games has gifted RBs with 5.5 yards per carry. Love these people saying avoid Henry because Seattle is a scary run D, obviously they don't know the facts after two games. They just see the word Seattle and jump to conclusions based on previous seasons. I'm not sold on Cohen, like I said, if he's so great then what happened last week when the game script warranted passing (blow out) and he averaged 1.1 ypc and his yac wasnt anything to write home about. People are clinging on to his first game stats. No bias here (I don't own Howard and am too deep to even have wanted Cohen), I just think the Cohen train is going to derail soon, just as the Cooper Kupp train is derailing.