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  1. Could be worth a shot if he turns out to be Rivers' favorite, however this is going to be a low volume passing offense with a meh QB.
  2. There's 18-20 RBs I would trade him for right now in a situation where I am desperate for RB and stacked at WR
  3. His routes don't look that impressive on the route chart
  4. Got to be high-end WR2 value I would think.
  5. Got him in dynasty. Let's go Herbs!!
  6. Don't fool yourself. Hell is a bottomless pit.
  7. I'm looking for RB1 upside in the 4th round which I don't see with Bell because the offense is more likely to be a dumpster fire than efficient. Give me Jonathan Taylor all day if he's there... or I'm going WR.
  8. Gase is definitely the #1 reason. While he might have a nice floor, I just don't see Bell's upside in this offense and I much more prefer the WRs in this range.
  9. You're probably going to have to reach to get this dude unfortunately and are you willing to do so over guys like AJ Green, Michael Gallup, Julian Edelman, Tyler Boyd