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  1. Chronologically 1.) Josh Gordon news breaks 2-99+.) People yelling at each other over the definition of "addict"
  2. My concern is this is like Tyreek; he got a foot injury last week and gutted it out, but then was very clearly less than 100% the following week against LA and basically ineffective against a team he historically torches.
  3. I'm in the same boat with you, JG or TY. I already got a big donut from Lamar Miller and a slightly smaller donut from Philip Lindsay. Part of me just wants him to be ruled out. I hate the "dEcOy/ReInJuRy" game.
  4. Two of my coworkers made a fantasy-related bet. Before the season started, coworker A bet coworker B that Russell Wilson would outscore Cam Newton in fantasy points by the end of the season. The dispute is the "end date" of the bet. One coworker seems to think the bet ends/ended week 13 (the end of our league's regular fantasy season). One coworker seems to think the bet goes through week 16 (universally the end of all fantasy seasons). If you made such a bet, which week of these two poll options (week 13 or week 16) would you expect the bet to end?
  5. I thought Brady's suspension was for lying about it
  6. Still worth a stash IMO depending on bench size and options, but yeah if he's still sore after the bye, it's not ideal. Especially for this week in a game that will not require Watkins' assistance to win.
  7. Oof, this has spooked me. Sorry everyone, just benched him for Philip Lindsay. (Meaning enjoy the 25 points he puts up today)
  8. I was trying to find an appropriate reaction gif for a few minutes before I realized you were probably referring to the #1 team in your fantasy league, as opposed to calling the Steelers the #1 team in the league.
  9. Plus, and I didn't actually see this part of the game, but the yahoo blurb said the cowboys had 1st and goal from the 4 and didn't give it to Zeke More missed opportunities. Still can't complain though, great production from what was a first overall pick for lots of us.
  10. Please share which sites you're seeing this on so I know never to use them.