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  1. My opponent put no effort into getting a bye week fill in and trotted Trey frickin Burton out there. The same Trey Burton that hasn't scored a TD since December 2018 or gone over 40 yards since October 2018. What does he do? Hang up 2 TDs on me of course. Between that and Aaron Rodgers just taking a dump on the field for me and both Mostert and Montgomery failing to punch it in from the 1, I'm not having a good time in fantasy this week.
  2. I wasn't so much saying Deebo is superior, more commenting on target share. The Rams have only allowed 1 TD to opposing WRs this year and who knows what QB the 49ers will have this week. Could be good Jimmy, hobbled Jimmy, or CJ Beathard. I'm not opposed to holding Aiyuk and I have him myself and haven't dropped yet, but he won't sniff my lineup this week. I'm probably going to hold for now, but if I had bye week troubles or needed fillers for injury he's probably one of the first to go for me.
  3. 3 catches for 44 yards on 6 targets. Behind Kittle and Samuel in targets who both had 8 but not by much. Not sure he's worth a hold. Don't think I'll ever feel good about starting him.
  4. He's a vested veteran so he isn't subject to waivers. He becomes a free agent at 4pm due to league rules.
  5. This is for my long time keeper league: Average weekly score whole league: 121.25 My average weekly score: 124.94 Average weekly score playing vs me: 147.74 My record: 0-4 Haven't gotten this boned in a while.
  6. What were the Packers wven doing on defense last night? Kamara had 13 catches on 14 targets. The next highest in targets was 6. How were they not doubling Kamara every single play? Did they just put a linebacker on him and say "meh whatever?" Did they play a soft zone and not change when kamara was destroying them? I legitimately dont understand.
  7. I don't think we have any reason to believe that. He was able to get in a limited practice this week, I bet he'll be back next week. I think the field was also a pretty big concern for him and I'm sure that played into the decision.
  8. 12.4 points in .5 ppr from Kelce. I was looking fine until Kamara went ballistic on me with almost 40 points.
  9. Last year, I started Minshew twice. The first time was week 6. He hadn't scored less than 17 points all season and the matchup was good. He got my 5.62 points. After that, he put up a 21 point game and a 25 point game. I said okay, another great matchup, lets do this week 9. He got me 11.76 points. I say screw Gardner I'm out. Fast forward to this year. I drafted Carson Wentz who has been a dumpster fire and needed to get some points out of my QB spot. Minshew started the year on fire and has a matchup against a team that just let Josh Allen throw over 400 yards. Minshew coming off two 20+ point weeks. He gets me 11.20 points. Will I forsake Garnder Minshew forever? Will I continue to trot him out in his upcoming good matchups only to be let down as always? Stay tuned to find out!
  10. I swear every time I start Minshew he does awful. Here's to hoping for some garbage time.
  11. I feel pretty good about Parker too. He practiced in full yesterday and he's one of two consistent weapons on the team.
  12. Same, we can be happy or sad together tonight.
  13. Am I really starting three players in this game? Don't let me down Minshew Mania.
  14. Fantasy Footballers is normally what I listen to if I'm going to listen to a podcast. I still miss the Matthew Berry/Nate Ravitz days of Fantasy Focus. It's not a serious fantasy podcast anymore. During their matchup previews they don't even talk about all startable position players because it has so much fill and so many ads. I also can't stand Daniel Dopp.
  15. Is Wentz a hold or a drop for you guys right now? His schedule isn't great the next few weeks and while bad the Bengals haven't allowed a ton of passing yards. He has looked like a train wreck so far. Found a post on the eagles subreddit with some advanced PFF metrics (take it for what its worth) that show a steep decline beginning in the middle of last year. He's definitely benched right now for me (for Minshew) but I'm considering dropping him.