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  1. In the past I've picked him up late because I play in a keeper league on the off chance the very unexpected happens, but I'm definitely out. Even if he somehow plays all 16 (lol) I don't see him having more than 400/3 tops.
  2. Didn't Bell complain last season because he wasn't getting enough carries to get into a rhythm? I don't see this marriage ending well. I also don't know if it's a case of Gase being incompetent, Bell losing a step, or the Jets O-Line being awful. Probably all three, and that's enough to keep me far away from Bell unless he slips DEEP in drafts.
  3. I had him in 2018 and want no part of this, especially with Brate and Howard still on the roster as well as Evans and Godwin to feed. I really don't think Brady is suddenly going to throw 50 TDs again. He maybe hits 30. I think Gronk gets overdrafted, I could see him finish somewhere along the lines of 400/5 tops.
  4. He's been oft-injured and a shell of himself the last few years, so I want no part of him no matter where he goes. I think he goes undrafted unless he goes to the Pats with Brady or the Saints and people buy somewhat into the hype. This is coming from a Carolina fan.
  5. I know the blocking was great and the Packers defense is somewhat to blame, but he did look good out there. I saw some great cuts and great patience. I kind of have a feeling that Coleman will be gone but they might bring back Breida. I think that's the ideal scenario. If they keep all 3 then I'm not as high on him next year as I would be otherwise, obviously.
  6. Oh dang, yeah he'll probably stick around as a backup then right? $50 million guaranteed on that deal. Ouch. Just googled and found this: “They’d eat almost $34 million in 2020 dead money if they cut him and almost $19 million if they traded him,” ESPN’s Dan Graziano pointed out on Monday. “The offseason could bring about major changes on the coaching staff and in the front office in Jacksonville, and if that’s the case, the new administration there will have major decisions to make while dancing around a monster quarterback cap number.”
  7. I think they'll stick with Minshew and (probably?) cut Foles. Not sure the cap ramifications of cutting Foles, I know they gave him a ton of guaranteed money but they will still probably save by cutting. Minshew could be decent value if you wait reallllly long on QB in the draft but I wouldn't be excited about it.
  8. Love him as my WR2 but not 1. I think he can be a decent value because a lot of people shy away because Julio is still there.
  9. Even if he stays in Tampa, there's no way I'd take him as a top 5-10 qb next year. He comes with enormous risk of getting benched at any time during one of his 4 or 5 int explosions.
  10. If he goes elsewhere (I think he'll be back with the Jets fwiw) I'm curious to see how he does. In the few Jets games I watched the blocking looked awful and he had very little room to run. I made the mistake of trading for him in one league based on an easy schedule down the stretch. That didnt really help him so that makes me think he is at least part of the problem. I won't draft him next year unless it's at a deep discount.
  11. I think if they get AB, I'd downgrade Kamara and Thomas, upgrade Cook, huge upgrade Brees. I don't think they will but as a football fan id love to see it. I'd still take Thomas at his probable adp though. I'm not sure if I'd take AB. Probably would take a shot in round 5ish, league winning upside but obviously high risk.
  12. 2 teams, both championship winners: 10 team keeper (3 players kept at cost of draft slot +1)league, 3/9 starters were players i drafted or kept (kittle). Zeke, Kittle, Butker. 3 more i drafted or kept were on my bench: Juju, Ridley, Jacobs. Made a couple trades in that one to recover from my cooks/juju nightmare wr situation. DeVante Parker saved me. 12 team standard league: 6/9 starters, Lamar, CMC, Sanders, Mixon, Mark Andrews, Butker. Also had Waller on my bench. 7/9 before Mike Evans went down. Lamar and CMC was like a cheat code.
  13. It was a weird year for sure. Lamar, CMC, and the pats defense carried some teams. Feels like there were a ton of busts too at the top of the draft, more than normal and worse than normal, like they were useless most of the year. Kamara, Barkley, DJ, Bell, Gurley, Conner, Beckham, AB, Juju, Kerryon, Mixon, Damien Williams, Adam Thielen, Montgomery.
  14. [...] Next year I won't touch him unless it's really late in the draft. His inconsistency and crappy play make me think he's a risk for being benched.
  15. 6th seed in my keeper league, beat the 1 seed. To be fair, our total points on the season were only a few off, his schedule was really lucky. I had the 5th highest point total. 4th (out of 4 to make playoffs) in my 12 team league. Beat the 2nd seed. Had the 2nd highest point total.