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  1. Agree with you guys, if Tua is playing I'm out on Parker unless there are absolutely no options. His floor is too low with Tua.
  2. How are people feeling about him this week? Atlanta is a great matchup and he did well against them two weeks ago, but he still hasn't thrown a TD and now Atlanta has their own game film of him and the Broncos film to look for weaknesses. I know rushing is a huge part of his game but I don't think we can count on 2 rushing TDs per week. What do you guys see as a realistic line for this week? I'm thinking something like 175/1/1 with 40/1 on the ground.
  3. Bailed out by rushing TDs. Did anyone watch the game? I know they were up all game so was it a product of not needing to do much or did he look crappy throwing? His line leads me to believe he looked crappy. Can't rely on 2 rushing TDs each week.
  4. Man J Rob cannot catch a break with these TDs. Gets them to 2nd and goal at the 2 and no TD. He's so consistently good, he'd have a shot at rb1 overall with better td luck.
  5. Oof did Drake just get stuffed on the goal line there? Hate to see that.
  6. Could lead to Hill being on the run more, or taking sacks depending on how well he is able to read the situation.
  7. I'm starting him because of injury, but I dont think bringing last year into the equation is helpful here. He's only gone over 15 points once this year in .5 ppr and it was a 16 point game. I dont think saying his ceiling his 15 points is wrong or unreasonable. He only has 3 double digit games this year so far. If I get 10 today from him I'm okay with it.
  8. He actually didnt look bad throwing the ball. I did expect more running from him but the two red zone TDs are great. He did almost throw a pick on an early drive that was a bad decision but he really liked pretty good.
  9. My gut said Taysom, my brain said Ryan. Went with Ryan. My Ryan/Ridley/Jones stack gutting me. Taysom running less than I thought he would but he doesn't look bad.
  10. He shouldn't be anywhere near fantasy lineups. There's no eagles player that I'm confident in right now though I'm not benching Sanders if I have him.
  11. Aikman doing his best to get me to start Hill at QB over a more sensible option.