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  1. Peyton Manning was definitely a fantasy MVP a few years ago
  2. Am I seeing Ravens QB (aka Lamar) on your do not draft list? That’s nuts hard to read further
  3. Poor soul in our league only needed 4 points from Goff to get his 1st win for the season.
  4. 0.5 PPR Pick 2: Jeff Wilson Jr. Gus Edwards Josh Adams Kenyan Drake Jordan Howard Peyton Barber Currently settled on Wilson/Edwards. Also have Adam Humphries currently in my flex, I like his floor given Hilton/Evans are my WRs. Other starters are Luck and Ertz.
  5. Paired Jeffrey with Ertz last year was pure money. Trying hard to pry Jeffrey again, these two gobble everything
  6. Tyreek Hill has some value at the end of the 4th, but I really wouldn't be happy with both Collins and Hill in my top 4 picks. Keep Hill if you are targeting early RB otherwise nothing.
  7. This was an excellent reply, thank you. WHIR next time you need it.
  8. Everyone keeps 3 players, i'm not sure why I wouldn't keep 3 of the top 36 players?
  9. Warning! This is more complicated then a simple pick 3! Pro level advice requested! The Scenario: Quick Background: This is a keeper league where players have to re-enter the draft every 3 seasons and 1st round picks are non-keeper eligible. Last year my team finished the regular season with only 1 loss, but I lost in the playoffs. Format: 12 team 0.5 PPR league, 4 bench, 1 IR. My potential pool for keepers: Tom Brady, Alshon Jeffrey, Jerick McKinnon, Zach Ertz, Demariyus Thomas (notable non-eligible Devonta Freeman, Leonard Fournette) Draft night: 11th & 14th overall draft picks Projected Keepers of team holding 12th/13th pick: Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree, Tevin Coleman Projected top 9 picks (no chance of them falling): Gurley, Bell, Elliot, Johnson, Brown, Hopkins, Beckham, Barkley, Jones Projected players available for pick 10 onward (Due to keepers the drop off is very steep after Evans): Fournette, Green, Freeman, Gronkowski, Evans, Hilton, Cooper, Kelce, A. Rodgers The Dilemma: I was mentally locked in with McKinnon, Ertz & Thomas as keepers but I am falling off the McKinnon wagon hard after his injury. With Jeffrey also banged up that would leave Brady as my only viable option to replace him. Further clouding this is the fact that I pick 11th & 14th in the draft and I am very much not a fan of drafting Hilton or Cooper, which would leave Gronk, Kelce and Rodgers as the only other potential players I would choose at 14th if the draft goes the way I see, all horrible fits with if I keep Brady/Ertz. Current Solution: Keep McKinnon, Ertz, Thomas. With all of the mid tier RB essentially not available for this draft I am as of right now leaning towards selecting Fournette or Freeman at pick 11. At pick 14 if Green, Fournette, Freeman, & Evans are gone (strongly suspect they will be) I just go with Aaron Rodgers. The Questions: Which 3 players would you keep & which 2 players would you target at 11th overall & 14th overall? Thank you!!!
  10. 12-1 on the season. Faced Hunt & Gurley this week. Came within 0.5 points of winning anyways. Had Freeman tonight. Needed just a little more. sigh
  11. I neee Baltimore D to outscore Jeremy Maclin by 1.5 in Half PPR to clinch 1st place (10-1)
  12. I have both and I’m flexing one this week. Between the two of them they always seem to get 25+ points which is good enough for my RB2 and flex.
  13. Fournette And Hunt ahead of Crowell then the rest is correct. Honestly not sure where to slot Miller...