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  1. Ive got Him and Conner in my line-up this week, and definitely feel less comfortable than I would hope to. Regardless though, who are you going to put in his place... Gotta start your studs and hope they find a way to flourish. I can see a pass by Tanny ending in the 5 and DH punching it in. TEN is a well oiled machine on Offense, and while losing Lewan is a big blow, they have an extremely balanced attack. CLE just straight shat the bed in an expected CLE way against good teams. I'm expecting for TEN to be much more resilient
  2. I know we are all waiting for Conner to break, but the dude had been pretty darn solid. I almost sold him twice, but looking at another RB2 with RB1 upside is not bad at all. His bye week is out of the way too! Might have to start plugging him in over Taylor it JRob
  3. Him and Damien Harris are on my first to go list if I need to drop. It is his first week back from injury, but he’s on very thin ice.
  4. If you take away his legs, he's really short
  5. Why not just give Taylor the ball lol... SMDH
  6. He was simply a bye week filler for me. Unless the matchup bodes well for him, I have trouble at this time relying on this NYG offense
  7. Roby has kept most of his WRs in check this year... BUT most of those WRs have been smaller, speedier guys. I think AJB poses a good matchup problem for Roby, and we should see some 50-50 balls benefit AJB for sure
  8. Stacking Tonyan and finally a healthy Adams this week. Hoping to see those points keep going up!
  9. Gilmore and the NE Patriots say hi. DK served them up a plate of toast
  10. Russell. Freaking. Wilson. Best QB in the NFL. No one year wonders derailing this man from his deserved MVP
  11. Jimmy G. He just threw that ball into double coverage with pressure around him
  12. I'll just double down on this after that pick haha
  13. Not mad about it as I'm going up against him, but I havent seen anything saying why yet