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  1. With such little room for error during championship this week, I’m most likely benching him in favor of Sutton and AJ Brown
  2. I feel like the saints would prioritize trying to bottle of Henry as a number 1 priority... stacking people in the box would have to give Brown some opportunities. The titans are a balanced team and Henry demands attention, I’m contemplating starting him over Kupp and Golladay because even if Brown is being shadowed by Lattimore, I have a hard time seeing them stack a safety over him as well
  3. here’s to hoping for some opportune takeaways and turnovers!
  4. Even with them having no Offense? There’s a lot more faith in Buff scoring than Pit, wouldn’t you think? Them having no offense against another real good defense could pose problems for Pit’s defense being out there a lot
  5. I’m getting roasted by Winston right now and sat Mahomes for Tannehill, need this guy to pick it up!
  6. Just make it stop lol... Let’s have Arians sit him 2nd half
  7. Tannehill I think. Gosh these decisions can make or break the year
  8. It’s a winter wonderland in KC today... already lots of snow.
  9. Whoops, you’re right haha. Still snow fall though
  10. KC already got a good covering of snow. Gameday Morning on NFL has some interviews coming straight from there. Doesn’t look to be too much wind from the looks of the snow fall
  11. Who you taking? BUF D @ PIT or PIT D vs BUF could be a low scoring affair, I’m leaning towards Buf because of Pit’s limited offense, but Pit at home with a fantastic defense makes it a hard call
  12. Trying to snag Tannehill off of waivers as my potential fill in