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  1. Supposedly the 3rd RB also got hurt last game so this might be a depth move to replace him. Possibly.
  2. I'm curious what you did. I own Darnold and he is putting up negative points. Sorry if you played him
  3. Time to be concerned? He looked bad today and plays the Bills next week. D-Jax would really help him out. I wanted Josh Allen just in case but missed out on him and grabbed Darnold for potentially week 9-11.
  4. If you have a player “out” this week and next week is his bye week, does his “out” status carry through his bye? Wondering for IR spot
  5. If AJ Green is out for week 8, will his “out” status remain through his bye week in Yahoo Leagues? I’m stashing him in the IR spot right now. He was “questionable” for most of this week before being labeled “out”
  6. You win. Who would have guessed the Dolphin would be competitive. After almost winning the game they bench Fitz for Rosen again.
  7. Does Jaylen have legit potential behind him when he comes back? Considering dropping Henderson and stashing Jaylen
  8. Thanks for mine. Since it’s full PPR I’m going Henry then Murray
  9. Thanks for mine. I’d rather keep what you have. Bell has a great schedule after this week and Monty hasn’t been producing but has the upside
  10. Chark then Cooks for me. Coopers a sit with the question marks around him and a late game
  11. Yeah I tried to trade Diggs and Mixon for a upgrade at RB but all rejected. Tried for Kerryon, Josh Jacobs, MG3, Carson... no luck Might be able to try for Gurley and gamble on his knee holding up. Also own Henderson
  12. Edmonds for me as well. Back issue feels worse than a thigh bruise to me so there’s a better chance that Edmonds gets more work
  13. Close by I would lean Sony and Robby. I own both Mixon and Sony. They are both pretty brutal but Sony has a better shot at volume and a TD even though he’s getting vultures at the redzone. Mixon you are banking on talent and AJ’s return helping the over all offense. Robby has a soft schedule going forward after this week. He was hyped all season and now he finally gets his QB back.
  14. I’m in mobile so I don’t see your team but if guys are bringing up MVS, I would definitely drop him before the Henderson
  15. Mattison is more important. He’s established if being the guy if Cooks goes down. I picked up Henderson and like him but you still don’t really know what his role is. Brown although less explosive is still in front of him. If Gurley goes down it might be a split backfield