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  1. Maybe the Falcons heard my bitching. 20 targets week 15 and 15 targets week 16! That’s more in line with the 10+ targets Julio deserves every week. Fastest WR to 12k yards in NFL history. Will probably finish 2nd in yards behind MT this season. I may just need to buy in again next season, especially if he slips into mid to late 2nd round.
  2. Julio could put up Michael Thomas numbers every year. It’s actually quite sad they don’t force him the ball anymore. 8 out of 12 games under 10 targets for a player like Julio is absurd. He still has breakaway speed but they rarely utilize him in the short passing game. Why pay the man so much money to under utilize him? Julio has been one of my favorite wide receivers to watch since coming into the league so I’ve always tried to draft him. His 2015 (1871 yards) was amazing. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be taking him next year 😢
  3. Not surprised. Darnold doesn’t seem to love checking it down often when he has the chance.
  4. Darnold 48 pass attempts, Bell 10 carries. Against a bottom 5 run defense. Adam Gase man.
  5. We all knew he had the legs but he’s looked much better as a passer this year and in his decision making. Glad he’s most likely my keeper next year.
  6. 8 straight games no touchdowns. Just Julio and Atlanta Falcons things. Let’s not use this future HOF WR in the redzone, like ever.
  7. Thought we were in for a big Bell game today with him having like 80 total yards in a quarter and a half but the Raiders decided not to show up. Damn.
  8. Decent day. Haskins overthrew him on two easy touchdowns today which could have made it a great day. Ugh lol.
  9. 12 team PPR total points league. Was offered my Diggs for their Gurley. My other WRs are Julio, McLaurin, Boyd, DeDe and Hollywood. My RBs are Bell, Montgomery, Breida, JHoward, Lat Murray. In this league starting lineup is QB/RB/WR/1 RB/WR spot/ 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DST. So you could start only 1 RB and 4 WRs for example.
  10. It is mostly luck, but it always seems like the more serious owners in both of my leagues finish in the money more often than not. The game of football makes fantasy much more unpredictable in general. In baseball, you can still have a player hit 40+ homers on a bad offense/bad team, but in football a bad offense will significantly downgrade a talented player. Touchdowns, unlike home runs/RBIs, are a lot less consistent to predict year to year and that is fantasy football’s bread and butter. Some good points about less bellcow backs and spreading the ball around more. I will also add that it seems like offensive line play has degraded across football the past few years and bad offensive line play is a recipe for disaster in certain games.
  11. Puke. Finley is horrible. I’m not sure why they didn’t try to get Boyd more involved anyways, 3 targets for your best WR is bad. Or maybe that’s the tanking plan?
  12. Would have liked to see him more involved but that 42 yard catch in the 4th was fantastic. Sucks they called back his 67 yard catch in the first half on a super late holding call too.