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  1. Agree as well, just watch Montgomery though, saying GT decision as he rolled his ankle in practice.
  2. Brees for me, but agree it's not much difference between the two.
  3. Agree (w/ Jason123) , having the handcuff has got to be better than having Guice.
  4. I have Wilson on BYE only contemplating for this week: Do I play Cousins at home vs. good DEN D? Or pick up Carr vs poor CIN D? Other QB's available (that might be worth a look): Foles, Wentz, Darnold
  5. Doesn’t do much for me. What are you really gaining? Better WR that you hope gets the ball just as much as his teammate that you already have? Gotta be something better out there for you. Only do it if you can swing another trade afterwards which is no guarantee.
  6. Definitely not worth the #1 waiver at this point.
  7. Thanks for help with mine. I’d probably make that trade. but it doesn’t excite me either. Fair trade, think it does make your team a bit stronger, but you lose Gallup when Saquon returns.