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  1. Yup, Gary Harris would likely see a usage uptick as well.
  2. If he closes games and gets more PT than OG, then I would say yes. I am holding in a 12T but monitoring closely. FVV and Lowry aren't the most durable guys, either...
  3. I hope he keeps this FT% up. I will say that it seems like all of his FT's roll around the rim before going in, which makes me skeptical about whether it can continue.
  4. "Could be an add" does not mean "must add", which is what the poster was asking.
  5. If they started Lowry, FVV, and Norm, they would be badly outsized. Lowry and FVV is already a short backcourt, and OG is 6'7 while Norm is 6'3. Surprised Norm isn't starting with FVV out today though...
  6. This should be answered by Mario Lopez, but I would drop Sekou or Culver for him.
  7. 4 games each week for the next month, and he's getting minutes indefinitely. Don't overthink it.
  8. Every one of his 7 blocks kept in play, and to his team no less.
  9. Including 2 clutch blocks in the final minute