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  1. Sorry for double post wanted to bump this.. Any other player people like at their adp?
  2. Josh James at 213 and Touki at 300 look like great back of the rotation guys with upside.
  3. Also like trae hes played great but will get better as season goes on.
  4. bump thanks all .. anyone else think this I should make this trade?
  5. Like this trade you gotta give up players like butler/kemba to land star like davis.. throw in CJ and jingling joe and its a no brainer.
  6. Do i trade my conley and tyreke evans for doncic In a 9cat roto ? I know conley may be better than doncic ROS but i feel like he will go down at some point. Any input?
  7. I like Levert the most here.. Peyton would be my drop