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  1. Week 3 was the last hoorah for this guy
  2. In over Green for me, time for the kid to get his first NFL TD
  3. Hope those points carried over
  4. The pass in the end zone at the end it looked like his arm was definitely being held, would've salvaged the night
  5. too close to the scrimmage yard record and the 1k/1k mark to rest at least this week
  6. 0.5 PPR, standard roster construction QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, Flex QB - Pick 1 Kyler Murray @ Seahawks Josh Allen @ Patriots Ryan Fitzpatrick v Bengals RB - Pick 2 Christian McCaffrey @ Colts Joe Mixon @ Dolphins Alvin Kamara @ Titans WR - Pick 2 Kenny Golloday @ Broncos AJ Brown v Saints Adam Thielen v Packers Cortland Sutton v Lions Breshad Perriman v Texans TE - Pick 1 Hunter Henry v Raiders Darren Waller @ Chargers Flex - Pick 1
  7. he was top 10 set and forget before the injury. seeing him ranked in the 20s this week, is it mostly because of potential injury scare still that people have concerns about?
  8. Up by 2.4 points in a 0.5ppr. My opponent has no one left and I have Kamara tonight. Safe to bench considering stat corrections? I am not sure how much of a swing stat corrections can usually cause
  9. 0.5 PPR Scoring, standard roster construction QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE Flex QB: Pick 1 Josh Allen @ Steelers Kyler Murray v. Browns RB: Pick 2 Christian McCaffrey v. Seahawks Alvin Kamara v. Colts Joe Mixon v. Patriots Ronald Jones @ Lions WR: Pick 2 Kenny Golloday v. Bucs Cortland Sutton @ Chiefs Adam Thielen @ Chargers AJ Brown v. Texans TE: Pick 1 Hunter Henry v. Vikings Darren Waller v. Jaguars Flex: Pick 1
  10. might have to bench him knowing that the pats have illegal tape on them
  11. i would rather fournette and henry too
  12. That may be true if people were still getting their information from newspapers
  13. It's the same when they say "____ fan here..." at the beginning of their post, like that makes whatever they say afterwards automatically true