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  1. Here I think it may depend on if you are a favorite to win or not. If you are favored, I would go Miller. His floor seems to be pretty safe vs the other two. If you are a underdog, then Ekeler or Wilson. Coach's comments about Ekeler wearing down are concerning and then he has to share time with Jackson. For that reason, I would go Wilson if you are a dog.
  2. Maybe it wasn’t Gordon who met with Mary Jane?
  3. Yeah the Niners have gotten absolutely scorched by WRs all season and those numbers are undeniable. I’ve just been let down by rookie WRs all season so it’s difficult to trust. If ever there was a spot to start Sutton it seems like this is it. He has not had the blowup game as of yet. Hopefully it finally comes on Sunday.
  4. How accurate are those sit/start recommendations? I’m not all that confident starting Sutton but this is a convincing argument.
  5. This feels like deja vu when many of us picked him up in anticipation of the DT trade. When that happened this felt for certain that Sutton’s production would increase. Until last week we didn’t see that increase, against a horrible CIN secondary. Now here we are and another WR is out of Sutton’s way to potentially more targets - how can it not happen this time, eh? I’m skeptical but perhaps the patience has paid off. Kinda feels like a trap however...
  6. For a change not an exaggeration - anytime D Jax sits Godwin literally puts up league winning numbers.
  7. Maybe everyone waiting on Gordon status?
  8. Oh yeah that is an important point. I don’t think Brees even looked his way after that.
  9. No possible way you can trust Quan on the road. He has a combined 11 ppr road points this season. Just seems way too risky over those other guys.
  10. I think the key here is whether or not Funchess plays or is healthy.
  11. Not so much concerning but wonderful news if you have JJ.
  12. Jackson declared out. Is it happening for Godwin, like reaaaaallllly happening?!?! or will it just mean more targets for Humphries?
  13. Still in the SBC. Club membership needs to pay some damn dividends this week!