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  1. Can't sit Mahomes. Just can't do it, even for Tannehill. Sigh. We'll see what happens?
  2. I’m actually worried about Lock going off again. Confidence is a hellava drug! I have a deep feeling that this could be a “trap” and he balls out one more time.
  3. SEATTLE vs CAR (Aside from CMC they seem solid here?) or CHIEFS vs DEN (I feel like this is a trap?) whatchu thinkin’?
  4. I ended up going with the Colts vs TB. Don’t regret that decision in the slightest
  5. Having a really tough time with this decision for today’s afternoon games. Season on the line here, full point PPR league. Help? AJ Brown vs OAK or Mike Williams vs JAX
  6. Rank these for this week... Indy vs TB Jets vs MIA LAC vs JAX Need to pick one, as I decided to bench & ultimately drop CHI.
  7. Shepard played last week, fully cleared, and had 9 Targets. Tate is out this week, making him very intriguing.
  8. Pick 2 of these WR to Start for Week 13, PPR League. Sterling Shepard vs GB Darius Slayton vs GB Terry McLaurin vs CAR Marquise Brown vs SF AJ Brown vs IND Mike Williams vs DEN HELP?!!?
  9. AJ Brown... All that talent and you don't even try to target him? What an absolute TRASH team and coaching staff.
  10. Barber still sucks. This is just shiny fools gold from a crappy football game.
  11. What are you talking about? Moore & Samuels have been targeting consistently by Cam. With Funchess set to be out, both of those guys will get a healthy dose of looks this week.
  12. Watson has not been consistent by any means, plus TEN is actually a problem for him. Can’t be trusted with the season on the line. NYG played well vs Winston, but then let him come back with plenty of opportunities. Wentz had essentially one bad week (last week). mayfield is just playing consistent and CIN is giving up everything to opposing QB’s.
  13. Well, I just got killed by Amari Cooper in my matchup, so I feel behind. This QB decision will essentially make or break my season. I was also hoping for Tre’Quan to be active and had to bench him for MVS. Waiting on the word on AJ Green, who might have to be replaced by Peyton Barber in FLEX spot. Ugh. Mayfield has a dream matchup and started to really have synergy with Duke Johnson. Although, I fear a trap game with AJ Green potential being out and changing the CLE game script. Wentz vs NYG is way better than the against Saints. He’s good and I feel that game just put him in tilt for the day. Extremely hard decision!!!
  14. Since I can’t start D.Watson vs TEN, who do i start between these two? Both have solid matchups. Wentz vs NYG or Mayfield vs CIN *Note: I also have Duke Johnson (Mayfield’s new fave target)
  15. Season deciding, super important QB decisions this week....Help? Wentz vs NYG or Mayfield vs CIN NOTE: I have Deshaun Watson as well, but there's no way I can start him vs TEN this week. Something else to note is that I also have Duke Johnson to compliment Mayfield.
  16. I wouldn't be dropping Ito any time soon. He gets enough volume to see the trend of him taking over for an injury to Coleman, as well as just providing value from being supporting cast. That said, I benched him this week for Riddick.