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  1. Is payment via League Safe? Send me invite
  2. So, my supposedly FT% anchor has become Dwight Howard... Great for my punt FG% team -.-
  3. So... when is he getting C eligibility on ESPN?
  4. Shouldn't this guy be getting Center eligibility on ESPN leagues? I mean, he does play the majority of his minutes at the 5. How can I request that?
  5. Z-bo already missing games. LaVine and Jabari out for some months. Markieff missing some weeks. Alex Len did miss opening night. And there are some less relevant ones...
  6. I don't think any Covington owner who would accept that...
  7. Doesn't matter much who's starting. They should get a lot of run. Crabbe is starting at the 2 tonight, btw.
  8. Yeah, the problem there is that they have Brook at 5, who is not a good rebounder...
  9. Hey, Legend The league is set to private, so we can't see the settings. Can you make it public for viewing? Or send me invite to
  10. Hey, Bryan! I'm interested in joining: Do you collect via League Safe?
  11. Hello, I'm looking to join an ESPN Auction Categories League, paying via Leaguesafe. Send me invite to
  12. Hey, Patrick Your title says the league is H2H 9-cat, but the league is setup as a points league format. Which one is wrong? If it's categories, I'd be willing to join Don't invite me if you're keeping it points league.