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  1. Fuller is without a doubt the biggest fu**ing pu**y in the entire nfl. Retire!!!
  2. So we are just gonna forget the James Harrison 99yd td against the cards?
  3. As a Steeler fan, i can say... uh no!!!!
  4. I gotta start him now that Jamaal williams is questionable. My Rb's are josh jacobs, Dalvin cook, zeke and jamaal. jesus christ!!!!
  5. I remember that. Didn't he get a concussion and end up missing half the season in Buffalo? Pretty much was the end of his career.
  6. Man...... you overthought this bigtime. Balt d against cinci? ouch. PS Fu** Rodgers
  7. Ben,Conner,Fuller,Kerryon,Guice,Mahomes
  8. Seems pretty clear that they aren’t signing Ajayi.