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  1. I’m a little worried about Gordon and his fumbling issues last week. Short leash might be the right term for this week. I’ve benched Drake both times he has gone off. I’m currently starting Drake/Indy. Ekeler plays too big of a role and Drake is all that Arizona has. Good reasoning?
  2. Landry/Chark/Mostert
  3. Perriman has a higher ceiling than Brown/Moore I’d say. But they might be a safer bet. If I had to pick, I’d play him over Moore.
  4. Chiefs
  5. .5 PPR Championship I need to pick one of the following combinations for my Def and Flex Indy/Drake Seattle/Gordon III Indy/Gordon III
  6. Championship game .5 PPR Would you change anything? qb - Brees wr - Hill, Landry, McLaurin rb - Carson, Chubb te - kelce Flex - Gordon III D - Seattle Bench - Hunt, Drake, H Henry, T Williams, G Ward
  7. Conley and Lazard and hope for a good day