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  1. Whats is the estimated FAAB Bid on Hockenson? In need of a TE in both my leagues with Ebron and Hooper.
  2. I would be between Zeke and Hopkins. Personally, I would go Zeke. I think a deal gets done. Too much to lose for both sides.
  3. I personally love Carson. Barring any injuries, he will get A LOT of carries, which is all you want in a RB. I also love Dede as well. As previous poster said, I would need to know how many spots you start for the other positions to rate the entirety of your draft and where you can improve.
  4. I make that deal in a heartbeat. I like Chubb a lot this year. Kamara/Chubb/Carson is amazing.
  5. Solid Team. I would try and upgrade the QB position a tad bit, but wouldn't give up much for one.
  6. Just had a 12 team auction the other day. .5PPR I am looking at adding a 3rd W/R for more depth. I currently have an offer for Dede and Kirk for Ingram. QB: Cam Newton RB: Dalvin Cook RB: Chris Carson WR: Mike Evans WR: Stefon Diggs WR: Sammy Watkins TE: Austin Hooper F: Josh Jacobs F: Mark Ingram Bench: Duke Johnson Jr., Tevin Coleman, Kallen Ballage, Dion Lewis, Deebo Samuel