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  1. Should be at an affordable price for 2020
  2. Back to fighting games like street fighter and Dragonball and any other genre I'm interested in
  3. Yup we lost fair and square, I'm honestly ashamed to be associated with these so called "fans", that dome was not loud as it used to be. Could be Brees last game and honestly, I think it's time, after three years and we fail to make the Superbowl.... Get someone int here who's hungry like....
  4. Might have to roll him out in one league, pray for me fellas, I'm going balls deep
  5. Traded Zeke and Waller for Lamar Jackson and Kelce before the season started and the league manager told me I shouldn't have done that.. I snuck into the playoffs and he missed it and he's been ghost since then .... Where You At?!?!?! I'm only ranting because I haven't seen his face since week 13 ended
  6. Does anyone want to win the NFC east?
  7. we'll see yall in the nf... wait ya'll not even going to make the playoffs lmao what a joke of a franchise
  8. He's gone guys, let him rest, just let it go
  9. I lose by 2 points cause of that dumb a** play wow