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  1. Just grabbed Teddy in case the Bills game doesn't go.
  2. Same...except I'm forgoing Terry McLaurin as well.
  3. Could have a real nice game week 5 against the Browns.
  4. Starting Hunt over Conner, see how this plays out.
  5. YouTube TV has added NFL Network to their standard line-up. They also have an add-on for RedZone (and some other channels) for $11.
  6. Hey, as fan of another team also on Lake Erie, I am happy for you guys. Also happy to have Josh Allen on my roster.
  7. Nah, he has a role on the offense which makes him valuable. Kind of like Ekeler.
  8. Green Bay 28th in DVOA vs. the run. Gotta fire him up with Cook on the bye.
  9. Outscored Lamar Jackson in my league this week. Yisssss.....