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  1. I’m out. Don’t really visit these forums anymore. I’ll leave the mock draft to the experts.
  2. Third time’s the charm on Melvin Gordon?
  3. You guys are more worried about o-line than volume, which is a key metric when trying to figure out which rb to take. The only question you should be asking yourself when drafting Penny, is do you think Chris Carson is going to eat into his workload. That’s something I have no idea yet so currently I’d rather draft other rookie RB’s like Guice, Freeman, Michel. Or I’d rather take other RBs like Alex Collins or Lamar Miller currently until more news comes out this early in the draft season.
  4. Hopefully he gets cut and gets a chance somewhere else. Alex Collins last year comes to mind.
  5. And that’s why I’m not sold on Ekeler as the backup
  6. Saints D @Iron-cock first up for Saints D, Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  7. Ryan Grant @Winky OTC Almost forgot about this guy.
  8. Considering he was playing behind the worst o-line in the country, he was doing pretty well. He’s very consistent in getting 2-4 yards versus Drake who can get you -3 by trying to bounce it constantly.
  9. I’m guessing that was the rational option? Not a bad choice, almost forgot he went to the Eagles. Should be a decent flex with upside.